I am both surprised and disappointed to hear that my colleague Douglas Carswell has decided to leave the Conservative Party and join UKIP. I have always had a great admiration for Douglas who has an independence of thought which is very refreshing.
I should say that I had absolutely no advance knowledge of this decision and at no time have I ever discussed this with Douglas.
Of course people will now be asking who will be next and as Chairman of the Better Off Out group of MP’s and Peers in Parliament I have no doubt my name will be the frame. I can say therefore that whilst I will continue to make the case for the UK leaving the EU – something I agree with Douglas and of course UKIP about – I intend to stay in the Conservative Party. We have made enormous progress since I was elected in May 2010. When I first put forward the idea of having an In/Out referendum in October 2011 there was a three line whip from all the main parties against the idea. Now the Conservative Party is putting a three line whip on a Private Members Bill which provides for an In/Out referendum in 2017. The only way we are going to get that referendum is to have a majority Conservative Government. Even UKIP accept there will not be a UKIP Government and there is a real danger that in many marginal seats voters will stop Conservatives being elected and allow Labour MP’s to be elected.

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  1. A recent opinion poll has shown that 56% of British voters want to stay in the EU.
    Do you think that Bury North voters are different for some reason on this matter ?

    1. Many people who said they wanted to stay in the EU did so on the basis that it was reformed. Once it becomes clear that their own individual aim for renegotiation is not going to be achieved they may change their position. In any event I would not rely on one poll.


  2. Interesting. Given the Iraq/Syria ISIS jihadist threat level, Rotheram sex abduction scandal, the Scots want to go their own way creating a mega upset. The burning issue is will Conservative MP’s abscond to UKIP. No surprise that it shows where priorities lie.

    A question – We have had the disgusting Rochdale sex child abduction trial. The same thing has been going on in Sheffield and now Rotheram. Can you PLEASE ask an assurance that it is NOT happening in BURY. I suggest you put the answer onto a ‘digest’ page. Thank You.

  3. Mr Carswell left the Tory Party because it is no longer conservative. It is New Labour with the ‘bedroom tax’ and the sick and dying kicked off benefits to boot. David Cameron has done nothing he said he would pre-2010, such as his ‘cast-iron’ guarantee of an election on EU membership, on culling the quangos and many other things. Wasn’t there also something about a more sensible immigration policy?

    Instead, he has found more important things to be concerned with, hence he fast-tracked same-sex ‘marriage’ through without respect for either the institution or normal Parliamentary procedure. In short, he is a cultural subverter, not a conservative.

    He has even kept Labour’s destructive and treasonous Climate Change Act 2008 which ‘legally binds’ us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050. Last winter we were warned that there could be power cuts in as little as two years’ time due to insufficient generating capacity and the government wouldn’t consider bringing ‘mothballed’ coal-fired power stations back into service because the EU fines would be so huge.

    No wonder Mr Carswell left in order to join an actual conservative party. I don’t know how any true conservative can stand by Cameron and say he’s the “Best for Britain”. There’s twelve year-old schoolboys who would do a better job. In fact, I remember the Youth Parliament throwing out “gay marriage” because they didn’t deem it important. One of the young people who considered himself to be homosexual agreed.

    Maybe the ‘Conservatives’ will be worth voting for again when that lot get into Big Boys’ Parliament and the Bilderberg-chosen elite in charge are exposed for the nation-destroying infiltrators they are and replaced by decent people with values and integrity and who haven’t been compromised.

  4. Good luck to DC. Hopefully he will be electected and again at the General Election so he is in place to do a deal in coalition. I’ll be voting UKIP in Bury come what may because of Cameron’s pithy approach to the EU question and it’s the honest thing to do. Only politicians want to play politics – normal folk just want to get on with it.. AC is plainly wet and gutless. He’s trying to play the electorate like Wilson did and it’s pretty dishonest. Even Norm Tebbitt, (the best PM we never had) is critical. AC refuses to say what the demarked lines are in negotiations and he’s a fool to play this game anyway. All pro referendum MP’s in the party should line up in front of Cameron and threaten a Carswell unless he makes the whole position clear – crystal clear not Cameron clear. He’s looking a snake almost on a par with Clegg and soon he’ll have about the same credibility.

  5. I do wonder how many others will now desert the ship along with Carswell. He’s chosen his timing well to do maximum damage, although it also damages the ‘no’ vote in Scotland. My guess is he won’t be the last, particularly if he gets in in Clacton, which is prime UKIP territory. Still, nice to see the Tories tearing themselves to pieces over Europe – yet again.

    1. The clever money appears to be on the next defector being a Labour M.P which would make sense given they remain unelectable with the like of Ed Balls, one of the architects of the UK’s near bankcruptcy, still a prime player. Milliband remains a joke-worthy on the political and satirical scene and there’s no time for change. It already looks a hung parliament with the marginals carrying the sway. Doubtful to be the Liberals in May though – expect a wipe out there. Interesting times. BetFred & co will likely call it correctly.

  6. Politics in the UK is becoming fragmented because of lack of vision and direction. Douglas Carswell is a good principled individual, though I look forward to campaigning against him in the coming election.

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