Saving the Second Battalion

Some good news today in the Campaign to save the Second Battalion of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.  

Last week a group of us who represent Constituencies where the Fusiliers have traditionally recruited from met in Parliament to discuss how we could best try and persuade the Government to reconsider this decision and hopefully reverse it. One tactic was that we would seek a debate on the issue on the floor of the House of Commons. The following day in Business of the House questions four of us were able to ask the Leader of the House for a debate. This is mainly a tactic to put the issue on the record as the Leader of the House never accedes there and then to the dozens of requests which are made every week.

Following this it was decided an approach would be made to the Backbench Business Committee to see if they would be prepared to grant a debate in the time they have allocated to them. The Committee met today and the good news is that they have agreed to a debate being held on Thursday 18th October which is the first Thursday back after the Conference recess.

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One thought on “Saving the Second Battalion

  1. Well done David, lets get all of our area MPs united on this for a big push to reverse this unfair and politically motivated decision which is a betrayal of our Fusiliers. I am in Northumberland but I feel as much a Lancashire Fusilier as a Northumberland Fusilier!

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