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After the summer recess the House of Commons ( not the Lords) has returned to business today. After the usual round of Questions and Statements the main business is a short Bill authorising the Government to agree a change to the European Union Treaty which will allow the Eurozone countries to establish a bailout fund which in theory is meant to help the Eurozone countries who are struggling to raise funds in the normal way. The new fund to be called the European Stability Mechanism is intended to replace two other similar bailout funds one of which the UK is liable to pay a proportion of if the loans it has made are not repaid. I think we should have been much tougher in our negotiations. We should never have been involved in these bailout mechanisms in the first place and if the other European Union Countries were as desperate as apparently they were to have a new fund established within the terms of the EU Treaty’s we should have made absolutely certain that not only would we not be liable for future liabilities but we would be immediately released from any existing contingent liabilities. There might only be a small risk that Portugal and the Republic of Ireland will default on their obligations but there is a first time for everything. Furthermore, since this particular bailout fund was discussed and set in place it has to all intents and purposes been overtaken by events. Even at 500 billion euros it is not considered bid enough and the Eurozone Countries have now set off down teh path of a new Fiscal Union treaty which was the treaty under consideration when the Prime Minister quite rightly exercised his veto last December.

Bailout funds – in essence just more loans – are not the real solution to teh problems being faced by struggling Eurozone countries. What is needed is for these Countries to start to live within their means- just as the UK is painfully having to learn to do.

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  1. Hi David and thank you for your eventual reply to the warsi trip. The answer you gave could have been obtained far sooner if only you had done your job and not expect me to do it for you. As stated i did email warsi and as i said i knew i would not get a answer. warsi was only made a baroness because of her position and i don’t recall that happening with the labour party but i stand to be corrected on that point, no doubt you will do your research to try and prove me wrong. You will i am sure have noticed i do not refer to enobled people by their title because i do not believe in the disgraced honours system. I am well aware there have been people serving in the government in both partys and i am dead against it, only elected MPs should serve in the government. Your remark that i should use more temperate and moderate language makes me smile because far worse can be heard in the house any day it sits, i have NEVER used a swear word or called you names on your blog other than to express an opinion which has been used by others, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen , or better still do what David Davies did and call a by election, something i and numerous others have called for for ages, again you won’t because you don’t have the bottle because you know what the outcome will be. I wonder what happened to the stupid statement by another useless minister Eric Pickles re the option of getting rid of a MP, that was very quietly hushed up and while i am on about him it is quite clear he only tackles cities like m/c and l/pool , both labour councils, about the need to reduce costs i.e. sack workers but there was not a squeak out of him when Southampton, a TORY council did the same thing. David, you will have noticed from posts on here that there are numerous people who feel as i do and far more who feel the same but do not write to you re the record of the worst tory government on record and that is saying something about this public school led government, people who have never done a decent days work in their lives, and i can remember mc’millan who said , ‘ you have never had it so good, to useless heath who caused a 3 day week and took us into the common market, to the hated thatcher government who tried to take away the workers rights but who was stabbed in the back by her ex chancellor and was forced to quit, to grey old major who got a right old kicking by tony blair, so you can see at the half way stage of this parliament things are looking very very bleak for you and your party and the utterley useless clegg, someone who will jump into bed with any party just to stay in power, as has been reported in the press this week. David i know you are aware of my circumstances but if i am able to i challenge to a debate in our under used town hall before the next election so you have plenty of time to fit this in before you engage in silly time wasting events like talking to the radio in Bury town centre which most voters new nothing about, but again i doubt you have the bottle to face your electorate.

  2. That was a disgracefull display of talking the bill out and it is the umpteenth time you have done it and it does not become anyone, let alone a new boy like you spending one hour and five minutes babbling on about irrelevant details which was thankfully curtailed by the deputy speaker. I doubt you will have the guts to print this because it will again prove that you are a waste of time and as you were a advocate of that useless minister lansley who was sacked you should do what i and others on here have said and do the honerable thing and resign so we can elect a proper MP who will stand up for OUR rights and not the tory partys.

    1. The promoter/supporters of the Bill spoke for longer than the hon member for Shipley and I did. The Government’s Draft Care and Support Bill is the best vehicle for reforming the law in this area and as the independent Law Commission has recommended there ought to be only a single Act covering this crucial area of law.

      1. Your aswer Mr Nuttall is very misleading, as usual, your useless contribution to the debate was 65 minutes quoting irrelevant statistics and taking pre arranged interventions from davies to drag out this bill as you and your cohorts do all the time, something you cannot deny because i have many hours of commons debates on tape. Your contribution was the longest on this topic so don’t try to make out others made longer waffle speeches and don’t try to lump the other contributions together to make yous look short, also DO NOT take me or the voters of Bury for fools because you will regret it come the election, don’t forget what happened at the local elections when we kicked out the tory in Tottington and the lib-dems elsewhere in the borough, you WILL be next.

  3. I am sure the voters in Bury North will not forget your disgusting behaviour in Parliament today.

    1. Hi Terry, you can bet the voters of Bury will not forget our MPs disgracefull behaviour because i won’t let them. I assume you are a regular watcher of the commons so you will know how he and Phillip Davies and their cohorts talk out bills on a regular basis and he has been reprimanded by the speaker on numerous occasions. I emailed davies re this pathetic behaviour and got back ‘ couldn’t care less replies’ which tells people all they need to know about the tories. I have also had posts deleted along with others but the arrogance of our MP is open for all to see,as you can see from his reply to my last post regarding the cost of warsi trip to the USA. I repeat my question to you Mr Nuttall, who paid for that trip?.I did email warsi and as expected got no reply, i wonder why, and while i am on about warsi, who should not have been in the cabinet, she was sacked as party chairman and given a job in the cabinet but this time ON PAY, why? this woman has never been elected as a MP so she should not be in the cabinet, she was only given a useless honour by an equally useless prime minister so she could sit in the cabinet because of her tory party position. I say again Mr Nuttall YOU are answerable to the voters of Bury so i expect you to get the details of warsi’s trip and post them on here and not expect me to do your work for you. What is the betting Terry that i will not get a proper answer to my question, but there again he follows his leader in that respect because cameron won’t answer questions at PMQs either. The sooner this discredited PM, or clegg, calls a general election the sooner we can get this bunch out of government, bring it on i say.

      1. Dear Mr Barber,

        Thank-you for your comments as ever.

        I just want to point out that i have not knowingly ever deleted one of your postings. I would ask that you keep your language temperate and moderate although you can continue to say what you like about me personally. I think I have got the message that you possibly might not be voting Conservative.

        I have asked the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Baroness Warsi about the trip to the USA and was assured it was not paid for by the taxpayer.

        Previous Labour Governments had members of the House of Lords in the cabinet and I just wonder if you were equally outraged at those appointments?

        Kind regards


      2. Thank you Alan – I do watch Parliament and was so angered by the arrogance and disgusting attitude of Nuttall et al that for the first time I hade to post my brief comment on his website – I am so pleased that you will keep Bury voters informed – I am NE based but will also do my bit too – the tory intake of 2010 seems to be an out of touch, silver spooned bunch of apologists.

  4. Oh dear what a mess, if people had any doubts about this useless prime minister then they should have been put to bed. The only reason for this reshuffle is to try to con the electorate again, when will he learn the voters have been on to his dishonesty from the start. Let’s start with that clueless health secretary lansley, trouble is where does one start with someone who tells lies, cannot convince the medical profession or the people as to the need for ‘top down’ reorganisation although he fails to convince anyone with half a brain that that is exactly what it is, so he gets the boot and not before time, watch your back Mr Nuttall because you will be next. Now for yet another u-turn this time on airports, after saying in the house today that he will NOT break his election pledge he launches a ‘review on airports’ , what’s the betting he will suddenly realise, and having been persuaded, a new runway WILL be built. Let’s now get on to petrol prices, a review has been ordered into the ever rising price of petrol by the OFT but who told them to do it, yes you guessed useless cameron and when will this review be ready, why january of course but, hold on, what is supposed to happen in january, i’ll give you a clue, does it have something to do with the hike in price, you bet it does, but will the tax hike come into effect, not on your nelly because he will say he has ‘listened to the people’ and taken the ‘advice’ of the OFT.Having watched PMQs it just goes to show the arrogance of this discredited prime minister when he fails to answer a single question from the opposition and only one from his own backbenches and that embarassed him but he reluctantly said he would not break his pledge on a third runway, no change there then. I call on our MP to answer my question on warsi’s trip to the U.S .A and her cohorts and who paid for it and the costs involved because this was a tory party junket and nothing, repeat nothing to do with the government of our country, a reply would be welcomed by all but i doubt i will get one except to be told to email warsi herself, thank god she is, or should be, out of the cabinet as she is no longer the chair of the tory party, but i remind you David of my previous posts and your DUTY to be answerable to your constituants.

  5. If we the British people did not make large gifts to the like of India who are reported to have plans for space exploration & a trip to Mars, also gifts to the likes of China, non of which do any good for us. Divert these (usless) gifts to those Europeans which may – MAY – just MAY help us. Dought it.

  6. “Even at 500 billion euros it is not considered bid enough and the Eurozone Countries have now set off down teh path of a new Fiscal Union treaty which was the treaty under consideration when the Prime Minister quite rightly exercised his veto last December.”

    Frankly, David, your namesake vetoed nowt. As a non-Euro member of the EC, fiscal union is up to them, rather than the UK, and the veto was simply a symbolic gesture to the Tory backbenches/the Daily Mail/would be UKIP voters.

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