Olympic Athletics Selection

With the London Olympics starting later this month only days away I see the Athletics team has been announced today. Full details of which can be found on the BBC here

I am somewhat disappointed that after all the millions of pounds of Lottery funding which has gone into preparing our potential Olympians apparently the target is only one gold in a total of eight medals. One Gold?

We achieved one gold four years ago and three golds in the previous Olympics. Surely on home ground we should be expecting more than one solitary gold medal. Perhaps they are adopting the political parties tactics of spinning to reduce expectations.


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2 thoughts on “Olympic Athletics Selection

  1. David,

    Any comments on the latest bank scandals?

    Cameron’s banking chums fixing interest rates to suit their own pockets. Then the fiasco of the MPs poor questioning of the former CE of Barclays, followed by the government’s decision that a very poorly equipped parliament is to investigate it rather than a judge. After all we don’t want anyone to discover anything that might be embarrassing do we?

    But our MP is more concerned about the targets in the Olympic games.

    1. Hi James,

      I want to see those who were attempting to rig LIBOR brought to justice and I am pleased to note the Serious Fraud Office is conducting an investigation. Although you refer to’Cameron’s banking chums’ the scandal took place under the last Labour Government and I think it is fair to ask what the Government of the day were doing about it.

      I think we should wait to see what the Parliamentary investigation produces before rushing to condemn it!


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