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Last Christmas the driving test centre in Bury suffered damage from flooding as a result of which it had to be closed. Not surprisingly driving instructors and their pupils were very greatly inconvenienced by this and in the summer I enquired when the Centre was to re-open and I was told it was to be late 2011. With only days left to the end of 2011 I enquired again at the last business questions before the Christmas recess to be told by the Leader of the House of Commons that the re-opening is now anticipated to take place in February. I hope it does now re-open as it will be a great relief to instructors and all those learning to drive as they have had to travel further afield to gain experience of the sort of roads they are likely to face on their driving test.

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  1. This situation is a complete embarrassment. The cost of travelling to outside areas is severely affecting the viability of the businesses of instructors. Extortionate fuel prices only add to the difficulties. Pupils are having to take extra and longer lessons to compensate and I am sure this is off-putting in the current adverse economic conditions. It would be farer if the DSA came clean and just told everybody what was happening. It simply does not take 14 months to carry out repairs after a leak.

  2. Hi David, I passed the Bury test centre today 8th feb 2012 and there is no sign of any work going on there is un-disturbed snow on the car park. This means that work must not have even begun yet. I would guess it would take a couple of months to complete the work, but when are they going to start?, It has been far too long as it is, I fear they will soon drop the big bomb shell that they will not be re-opening!!!!

    1. Hi,

      Thank-you for your comment. As it happens I have already asked Nabila in my office to make enquiries directly with the DSA to find out when it will re-open. I will also ask a further Parliamentary Question to keep the pressure up.


  3. Let’s see what happens then John. I do hope it reopens. I have my test again next week, if I fail I’m hoping my next one can be in bury where I am much more confident.

    1. Dear Mr Nuttall MP
      I have just had a E-Mail from the DSA dated 12/1/2012
      stating a date as yet cannot be given for the re-open of Bury test centre
      John Jones ADI

  4. I have found it extremely inconvenient that Bury test centre has been closed for so long. Having carried out my lessons in bury to be told a few days beforey test I had to change it to Cheetham Hill caused further stress and nerves to an already daunting day. I wouldn’t hold your breaththat it will open in february, I spoke to the DVLA a few weeks ago and they said it wasn’t a priority! Disgraceful. The people of bury have had to travel to unknown areas which is a huge inconvenience. As part of the test you have to do independent driving which you certainly have an advantage of you know the area. I dont know cheetham hill or rochdale at all.

    1. Also Given the extortionate prices of the driving test could they not have rented an office In bury whilst the test centre roof was being fixed so instructors and pupils could still drive in the bury area? Or a porter cabin??

      1. Hi Lauren i quite agree with your comments
        about the situation of the Bury Test Centre.
        when the Bolton test centre was closed for several weeks for its up grade.
        the DSA rented out an office for the examiners a waiting room for the test candidates and their instructors.

        I can see know reason why the DSA could not have done the same at Bury. at the very least a simple porter cabin placed in the test centre car park as stated by you would have done the job.

        But my view is, the DSA lacked the will, or the want to try and find a solution. that would help the ADI,s and their pupils in and around the Bury area. the same people who brought the DSA its work and income to the test centre. so much for customer care.

        If i were a sceptic. i may think the DSA do not want the Bury test centre to
        re-open again. Maybe there is more profit in keeping Bury test centre closed.

        Yours john ADI.

  5. Dear Mr Nuttall. As a ADI of 27yrs and a past heavy user of the Bury Test Centre.
    i applaud your efforts to try and find out when the Test Centre in Smith St Bury will re-open.
    the DSA have been very inconsiderate in keeping driving instructors and the public alike informed as to the progress of the repair work on the building
    and may i add that if it had taken me 12months to get my business up and running again after a set back. i would have closed down for good by now.

    But the DSA having a monopoly over driving tests seemed quite happy to farm out tests to other centres as there was no loss to them.
    In the 12 months that the test centre has been closed. it has cost driving schools and there pupils a great amount of inconvenience and finacial loss due to the extra travelling expense created by having to travel to test centres further a field.

    and this in a period that has been very difficult to attract pupils
    due to the economic climate. making learning to drive more expensive has not helped.

    yours sincerely

    john jones

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