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  1. Mr. Nuttall

    Few Americans will argue that they and their country were not better off after Reagan’s two terms. And the same could probably be said for Clinton’s two terms. As you know, the difference is that Ronald Reagan inherited a country with a burdensome “misery index” and a damaged national psyche. Despite what most would consider favorable statistics at the end of his term (lower unemployment, lower interest rates, lower inflation, etc.) his contributions were probably not quantifiable.

    He did leave a legacy of ballooning deficits. I’m sure you’d agree that for most conservatives, the deficit in and of itself is of marginal concern; it’s that higher deficits are usually a sign of robust goverment spending – a conservative anathema.

    Anyway, you might enjoy this:


    1. Few (quite a lot but probably not a majority) Americans would argue now, but this is after twenty years in which the right has assiduously burnished his image, exagerated his achievements and repeatedly lied about his record. I would point you to a recent national radio program about him. When a caller pointed out he had raised taxes for most americans he was cut off and the listeners told this fact was a lie.

      For a long time during and after his presidency his approval ratings were negative.

  2. I think we can assume then that he’s one of your heroes then David?
    Another smart move.

    He was a third-rate actor but a first-rate neo-con puppet.

    Shame his grave is over there or I’d pay a visit just to stamp on it – mind you, when maggie goes I’ll be joining the big queue to stamp on hers.

    Difficult to tell when he started suffering from alzheimers but it was surely while he still had power, must’ve been to come out with some of the things he said and did!

    Oh, and don’t forget Star Wars!

  3. David,

    as a deficit hawk, I would hope you would also acknowledge that Reagan oversaw the beginning of the huge expansion America’s national debt, which he, Bush Senior and Bush Junior took from practically $0.00 to $10,000,000,000,000.00 (greater as a % of GDP than ours).

    As a tax hawk, I would hope you would acknowledge that Reagan actually increased taxes for most people, the big tax cuts that caused the deficits were for the rich, Laffer curve be damned.

    As a lawyer, I would hope you would acknowledge that the invasion of Grenada was against international law, and that Iran Contra would have got any Democrat president impeached.

    I would hope that the majority of the sensible British Conservatives look at the frothing lunatics and lying corrupt scumbags that now populate the Republican party and shudder. Its these same people that seemed determined to make Ronald Reagan a saint and ignore his many manifest failings.

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