Of course I am disappointed that local NHS officials have not used the opportunity provided by the review to ensure that families in Bury have access to a Maternity Department at Fairfield. I have already asked a Question in The House of Commons about the review within hours of the decision being made and I will continue to fight for the Maternity Department at Fairfield Hospital.

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  1. Lybia, Why?

    Because the U.S told us to? Oil?
    I’m sick to the back teeth, stripping down the armed forces to the bare basics and sending them into an unnecessary situation.
    We are becoming the oppressors and we will invoke so much anger in the middle east that revenge attacks on innocent people on our soil are inevitable because our immigration system is hiding these dangerous people.
    This Government is a shambles and nobody contests their limp decisions, false promises and lies.
    Hold a referendum- we’ll see who is right.

  2. Allow me to quote:

    “Conservatives will maintain children’s services at Fairfield”, Nuttall added: “The choice for voters in Bury North is clear: vote Labour and these services will be axed from Fairfield. Vote Conservative and if there is a Conservative government the maternity department will be kept open.”

    I would love to hear where this has gone wrong.

  3. Correction to the above post,

    I meant Jumbles country park .

    Not Burrs.


  4. Dear Mr Nuttall

    Thankyou for your reply.
    I appreciate your reply and thank you for your support on this issue.
    I was not attempting to be defamatory by saying you haven’t utilized the maternity department, but simply pointing out as a user ourselves the department have been vital to us in the past and I speak passionately as someone who would hate to see it go.
    Consider someone from Ramsbottom or Greenmount needing to travel to Bolton?
    potentially we could have births in transit at Burrs country park during rush hours as the traffic tails way back there at those times of the day.


  5. Mr Nuttall

    You said pre election you would fight to keep the maternity unit open.
    I have a family of 3 (soon to be 4 children) and my wife has monitored pregnancies due to some health concerns which if not observed or implicated correctly can be catastrophic.
    I see you have no children yourself, so perhaps you haven’t appreciated a true need like that maternity unit offers like we have?
    I emplore you to push this issue to parliament.
    You were elected by the people and rest assured you will be dismissed by them if you do not action your manifesto pledges.
    I wrote to you (and telephoned) back in January and received no reply- no matter- I appreciate you are busy but what I can’t understand is why anyone in their right mind would want to close it that is not a beureaucrat- everyone I know is appalled by this decision.
    The people of Bury have placed their trust in you, whether you stay in office will be judged by your actions on this matter.

    1. Dear Mr Balmer
      Thank-you for your comment. I am sorry to note that your letter has not yet received a reply. I will try and locate it but if you would like to send me a copy at the House of Commons I will ensure you receive an immediate reply. I receive literally hundreds of emails and letters and whilst I endeavour to reply to everyone it is inevitable that some escape!
      Finally I can assure you that whilst my wife and I may not have used the Maternity Department at Fairfield I am in no doubt at all about how vitally important it is that we retain these services at Fairfield and I will continue to pursue this issue.


      1. Dear Mr. Nuttall,

        If Andrew Lansley wished it, Fairfield could be reprieved tomorrow. He doesn’t wish to do so, and therefore both his ‘promise’ and your No. 1 pledge in your election literature “Keep vital services at Fairfield” (I have a copy of this worthless ‘pledge’ in front of me) were simply deceits to garner more votes from people who believed you and Lansley.

        Why should anyone in future pay any attention to any of your so-called promises?

        Incidentally – you’ve made the news big time. Enjoy.


  6. From Conservative Party News 18th Feb 2011

    “Commenting on the Labour leader’s speech, Andrew Lansley said:”

    “Before attacking the Government for cutting the NHS, Ed Miliband needs to tell us whether he supports the extra £10.7 billion we are putting into the NHS. If he won’t support that extra funding, people will see these attacks for what they are – pure political opportunism.”

    Ignoring the Ed Miliband comments, Mr Lansley quite clearly states that an EXTRA £10.7 billion is being spent on the NHS.

    Mr Nuttall, If the NHS is getting an EXTRA £10.7 billion why is Fairfield maternity unit closing?

    Is the NHS getting an EXTRA £10.7 billion?
    Or is this just another one of Andrew Lansley’s lies?

  7. I think we can safely assume that you and your mates all have private health insurance – and probably have stocks and shares in these corporations too.
    If I had the money to buy said stocks and shares I would because they’ll only increase in value as the NHS is privatised department by department.
    If I lied as much as the Tory party did about the NHS on a job application or c.v. I would expect to be sacked and possibly prosecuted.

    Which part of, “we will not cut frontline services” am I misunderstanding Mr Nuttall?

  8. ‘Call me Dave’s’ answer to Mr Nuttalls question re. Fairfield…

    “The whole point about the new system, which is GP-led, is that hospitals will thrive when local people use and value them.”

    So it’s our fault for not using the hospital now is it?
    Apparently we don’t value it!
    It’s very difficult to use and obtain value from a hospital when they give you appointments at every other hospital but Fairfield!

  9. If Andrew Lansley did not have the power to prevent closure (because it was a decision for ‘officials’), he should have known that and not promised to do so as a bribe to get votes. If he did not know then he should not be a Secretary of State.

    Seeking to blame ‘officials’ is a cop out to hide the embarrassment of failing to deliver on such an important and widely touted pledge.

    I am afraid it does little for the reputation of the Minister or our new MP or our political process.

    And I wonder if the decision might have been different if David had not been a regular thorn in the side of his Conservative colleagues since he was elected. He seems to vote against his own Government more than most, especially new, Tory MPs. Such behaviour does not garner support with the whips and those in high places. The downside of an independent voice perhaps ?

    1. To Joe, Jim, and Mike the secretary of state has all the power he needs, if he can halt the closure for ‘review’ a fancy word for stalling then he has the power to halt the closure of Fairfield but he knew if he said he agreed with the closure we would now have a labour mp and David would have to do a proper job, see my previous comments on the NHS. I sincerely hope Fairfield does not close but you will not get very good odds from a bookie that it will stay open.

  10. David,
    I am disappointed at your response to criticism of the decision to close Fairfield Maternity Unit.
    You now claim it was the decision of “officials!!!” During the Election you announced that the closure would be halted by Andrew Lansley within 24 hours of a Tory Governmemnt taking office.It was an election promise you made on several occasions and in an eve of poll leaflet ( which I still have a copy of ). You cannot now clainm it is the fault of “officials.” Instead of being disappointed David, you and Andrew Lansley owe the people of Bury an apology.

  11. why has my comment on Fairfield been deleted? is it that you cannot stand criticism, but why should i be surprised

    1. Dear Mr Barber,

      I do not delete posts simply because they are critical. There may be a delay before posts appear because all posts are moderated first. The only reason posts are not allowed is if they contain abusive language or may be defamatory. Just because I disagree with the content of a post never prevent it being published.


      1. You never answer the contents of a letter i e from, myself and others. People are not fools, unless you are a tory supporter, and it beats me as to why anyone would want to believe the tories on the NHS because everytime they get into power they decimate it especially when they do not have a mandate to do so.If the tories had put there ideas in their manifesto they would still be in opposition where they belong. I notice you have asked a question re the review but i think this is merely political postering however i wish you well but like your illfated and ridiculous attempt to remove the smoking ban i am sure you will be completely ignored. If you wish to be taken seriously as a politician i suggest the time is ripe to start a serious campaign against the EU because i have a feeling that you would get a majority of the country behind you to get us out of that insane instituion. We have a deficit of 40 billion pounds in trade with the eu which we never had before 1972. Your pathetic pm says we cannot do anything about the treaties signed by previous governments which is completely false as our parliament is at liberty to get rid of any laws or dictats it wishes to. The UK is a sovereign state and has no right to make us accept laws made in brussels so i think you would be on a winner there. A certain QC in the lords, another abortion, who was on a long running radio programme said live on air that the house of commons had the final say on our laws and could overturn any it wished to.Get yourself aligned with Bill Cash and others and kick up one hell of a stink and then this country would be a sweeter place to live.

  12. Are you saying that it’s these officials that are responsible for the closure?
    Perhaps they were relying on your Shadow Secretary of State for Health when said he will stop the move “within days” if the Tories come into power?
    Will you also be fighting to save the rest of the departments at Fairfield?
    My father has been told he now has to travel to Oldham to have his bag changed. He was perfectly able to get to Fairfield under his own steam but he will have to book an ambulance to get to Oldham.
    Also, having undergone a full range of tests at Salford he has had to have exactly the same tests at Rochdale because Pennine trusts cannot access Salfords records.
    The only promise this goverment has kept is the one to trash the welfare state. When (if) the economy recovers will we get these services back?

  13. As i and most people with half a brain knew Fairfield Maternity Unit would close the people of the area should not be surprised that the decision has gone against common sense. Andrew Lansley knew that the only way to get votes was to kid the voters with the promise of keeping Fairfield open and then say there were four criteria to consider. One of the criteria to take into account was the same as was given by the labour government which was ‘clinical evidence’, and he knew what that meant, closure. I am aware labour were going to close fairfield, which i was dead against, but at least they did not lie and try to dupe the voters which is what i warned people would happen. Telling lies is par for the course for tory governments over the years but this lot take the biscuit for deceit. How many people who were conned into voting for this deceitful bunch would now own up to doing so.I would like to know what will happen to all the equipment given to fairfield by wellwishers over the years because it along with the hospital belongs to the people of Bury and NOT the tories.I also took notice of the lack of attendance by Mr Nuttall at debates on the NHS, and please do not deny it Mr Nuttall because i am an avid watcher of parliament on tv and you were conspicous by your absence.

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