Happy Easter!

May I take this opportunity of wishing a very happy Easter break to all visitors to my humble blog whether you are a regular reader or just passing by.

I am using the opportunity of the Easter Holiday to spend the weekend away at Morecambe with Sue’s Mum and Dad. We came away after attending the special Good Friday service at church yesterday. I have had a fairly quiet week for Holy Week. There have been Holy Week services at church each evening and I have been out with our canvassing and leafletting teams on a couple of occasions. With the likely announcement of the General Election I have also had a couple of final planning meetings with Party officials although contrary to what some may believe as Candidates we are given a great deal of freedom in respect of our campaigns.

On the political announcement front the big news has been about our plan to avoid the increase in National Insurance contributions which is planned. From the people I have spoken to it seems to have been widely welcomed as although Labour pledged not to increase income tax as far as most people are concerned increasing National Insurance Contributions is just the same as increasing their basic rate of income tax. It is this sort of sleight of hand that gives politics and politicians a bad name. Either the pledges should not be made in the first place or if they are made and then have to be broken politicians should be completely open with voters about the reasons why.

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