Local Area Partnership meeting

On Monday evening I attended a meeting of the Ramsbottom, North Manor and Tottington Local Area Partnership held at Tottington Methodist Church. Various reports were given including an update on the children’s centre and the latest crime statistics from the police.

Yesterday I joined in with some doorstep canvassing when as usual there were more people out than in but those we did find in were more than happy to chat. You can never draw conclusions from just one session of canvassing but from all the canvassing done in recent weeks it does seem that peoples views about the parties are beginning to crystallise and many people who gave the benefit of the doubt last time to Tony Blair do seem reluctant to support Labour again. I suspect that many of those who say they are undecided will probably not vote at all. We know from the last election that around one third of those eligible to vote chose not to do so.

Yesterday afternoon in between taking three blind and partially sighted persons to their social afternoon at Walshaw Sports Club I attended the funeral of the father of Khalid Hussain the Conservative Candidate in Redvales Ward who had sadly passed away on Sunday. I spoke to Khalid who whilst naturally very upset was comforted by the fact that his father had not suffered.

This morning in addition to attending morning Communion Sue and I took CeeCee to the V.E.T.’s for his booster injection. At lunchtime I attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Bury where as the scheduled speaker was unable to attend I stood in at the last minute and spoke on the subject of the working of polling companies. This afternoon after a meeting with my agent I have been out helping with our leaflet deliveries.

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