Consider the Conservatives

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Conservative Party Leader David Cameron MP explains why even voters who have never voted Conservative before should at least consider looking at what the Conservatives have to offer at the next General Election.

Over the weekend I have been out with one of our canvassing teams in Ramsbottom. Today in between all my other meetings and calls I spent a couple of hours with the political editor of The Economist magazine who had travelled up from London to find out about the Bury North constituency.

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3 thoughts on “Consider the Conservatives

  1. The Labour candidate is wasting her time. What on earth Labour thinks its chances of holding on to Bury North are, are beyond me, and even The Economist.

    If Labour were 5 percent ahead in the polls, Bury North would still be a risk. They are not, they are 10 points behind in the national polls.

    Bury North will swing Tory by with a probably majority anywhere between 5,000-10,000.

    Ms Khan will concede defeat and continue as a random Manchester Labour councillor.

    1. Labour are 10 points behind not anymore……….. the polls are neck and neck…. the tories are not able to convince the country that they should form the next government- so on that basis i refuse to support them. if they can’t get the support now when can they???????

      the tory candidate in my view is taking voters for granted……………

  2. Your Joking david!!! I was going to vote tory untill my friend suggested its best to stick with the devil we have, the labour government. the labour candidate has been around ramsbottom quite a lot and has impressed many people.

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