CeeCee 20 months birthday!

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Today CeeCee is 20 months old so as I have not mentioned his exploits for a while I thought I would update regular readers and devote a post to him.

The main development is that he is currently excluded from his training classes as a result of, shall we say, an incident where he bit one of the smaller dogs!! I was not there at the time but I am informed that the two dogs had been happily training together side by side for most of the evening until out of the blue CeeCee decide to ‘have a go’. He now has to attend one to one classes on his own! I have to say that the training school – the Elton Dog Club now Wagga Wuffins -where we go are excellent and have really helped us enormously in dealing with him. Elton Dog Club became Wagga Wuffins when they moved to their own premises in Britannia Mill Samuel Street in Bury where they have 4000 square feet of purpose built indoor training and activity arena. They really are superb facilities and the knowledge and expertise of the principal trainer Jane Ardern is first class.

The list of things CeeCee has damaged around the house grows weekly – sometimes almost daily! The list includes television remote control, coffee table, dining room table, yesterday a pair of curtains became the latest casualty as he pulled at one of the curtains during one of his favourite games of tugger. 99% of the time he quietly poddles [not sure that is in the OED but if not it ought to be!] around and provided we keep an eye on him all is well. The trouble is the other 1% the mad moment, the unguarded minutes ( or even seconds) when he senses an opportunity for mischief.

Having said all that we wouldn’t be without him!

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  1. What a shme you do not give the same concern to wild mammals that feel pain and terror whilst being hunted. To make such a big deal of your dog then to be pro hunt seems so hypocritcal to me, you either respect animls or you don’t.

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