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I am not sure how it looked from the outside but it certainly seemed to have been a successful Party Conference from the inside. It was strange from my point of view not staying in a hotel and therefore just travelling down everyday.
For those interested I will give a quick summary of some of my activities for each day of the Conference.

Sunday. I attended the Conservatives at Work Jazz Night at Bar 38 featuring the Lune Valley Jazz Band.

Monday. I had a series of meetings including meeting with representatives from O2 who have one of their call centres in Bury and meeting with representatives from The National Autistic Society. The main event in the evening was the Reception for Conservatives in the North-West.

Tuesday. An early start as I had to be in Manchester ready to do a live interview on BBC Radio Manchester shortly after 7am.

I then had meetings scheduled with other Parliamentary Candidates followed by a photo call for The Royal British Legion.

I had lunch with representatives of the Nuclear Power industry organised in conjunction with TUSNE ( Trades Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy ).

In the evening I attended a reception organised by the Manchester Airports Group.

Wednesday. I managed to watch a little more of the Conference than on the previous two days. I did an interview for the Financial Times who were doing a piece on Bury North which actually appeared in Friday’s paper.

In the afternoon I attended the Conference Social Action Project in Radcliffe where my colleague Councillor Michelle Wiseman has been bust organising a major refurbishment of the building and facilities for the Radcliffe Boys and Girls Club. David Cameron had visited the project on the Sunday afternoon and on Wednesday it was the turn of his wife Samantha and Party Chairman Eric Pickles to visit the project. In the evening I attended a business reception organised by the Conservative Friends of Israel at which the principal speaker was Philip Hammond M.P. the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Thursday. In the morning I did some filming along with a group of other Parliamentary Candidates in the North West for Granada. In the afternoon I was, as many will have seen, on the platform during the Leader’s speech. Can I just say thank-you to all the many people who contacted me to say they saw the coverage and give me their reaction. I think I have managed to contact everyone but apologies if I have missed anyone out.

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5 thoughts on “Conference Report

  1. Sam H, if you think that was a successful conference, then you are living on cookoo land. The tory party are split on the issue of europe, the lisbon treaty debate illustrated that. Boris Johnson was sent back on the train because he disrespected manchester.

    George Osbourne’s speech, saying ‘we are all in this together.’ Rubbish!!!!! Cameron/ osbourne will never understand the ordinary person. I remember the 80’s and 90’s and I do not want those time to occur again, when according to some people ‘unemployment was a price worth paying for.’

    Since u didn’t see a post conference bounce in the opinion polls I would not be so confident about a victory. Remember what happened to labour in 1992??

    1. I seem to recall the Shadow Leader of the House Sir George Young confirmed during his speech that it was the Party’s intention to give English M.P.’s a right of veto in respect of legislation that only related to England.

      1. Thanks, that would make some sense given that EVoEL is Sir George’s baby. Strange that Dominic Grieve didn’t say anything.

        I think they might kick the idea into the long grass if a large majority is won.

  2. David,

    It was an excellent conference for the Conservative Party. Polls of 19% leads suggest the public take seriously the party’s stance on honestly and openness with the issue of public finances. Cheap catch-up mimicry by Downing St shows this.

    The FT report on Bury was equally encouraging. Ordinary Buryites rejecting Labour. Tribal voters aside, the swing voters will decide the outcome of Bury N & S and it is clear the pendulum has swung in favour of Cameron.

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