Harvest Lunch

Sue and I attended the harvest lunch at St.Anne’s in Tottington yesterday. Well Sue did more than just attend as she was one of a group of ladies who organised the lunch including providing the food. My contribution was to help with the chopping up of various ingedients for the pasta salad Sue made on Saturday afternoon. Well over 80 attended this year and it was the first time we have been able to enjoy the harvest lunch in the much improved surroundings of the refurbished parish hall – the new kitchen made an enormous difference.

By the way if you have noticed fewer, shorter posts recently that is because our laptop computer which I use has is away being repaired. Last week CeeCee was having one of his mad moments jumping at me, Sue was using the laptop at the time and put it down on the floor to help control CeeCee and he managed to bounce right on it smashing four of the keys right off. We could only find three and we think he has eaten one of them. So it is in for repair and a new keyboard!

Well, the Conservative Party Conference starts today and as it is just down the road in Manchester for the first time I am not having to stay in hotel to attend Conference and I am planning just to travel down as necessary.

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