The day the Ashes were lost?

Well I hope not but it was by any standards a cracking great day of Test cricket at Headingley yesterday and I really enjoyed it. There was some superb cricket played unfortunately it was mainly by the Aussies!

The England total of 102 all out was I understand the lowest in the first innings at Headingley ang the 8th lowest ever in Tests so not a good day batting wise. Some of the bowling was just too short and it made life quite easy for the Aussie batsmen.

The weather looks set fair again today and it is going to take a 1981 Bothamesque style effort for England to win the Test from here.

I am off to see my goddaughter and her sisters in Morecambe for the next few days and hopefully if I can get my broadband connection working I will blog from there. I only say that as last time it was in explicably not working!

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