Philip Davies MP

John Holt (Chairman), Philip Davies MP, David Nuttall, Pamela Watkins (Secretary)
John Holt (Chairman), Philip Davies MP, David Nuttall, Pamela Watkins (Secretary)
Last night Sue and I attended a Dinner hosted by the Bury and District Industrial Society at which the guest speaker was the Member of Parliament for Shipley Philip Davies. The event was held at the Greenmount Golf Club where the food was as ever excellent. Philip was first elected at the last General Election and gave a highly entertaining speech about his time in the House of Commons and the causes which he is campaigning on. Philip is the Parliamentary Spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness. Click here for more details.

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2 thoughts on “Philip Davies MP

  1. “Bury and District Industrial Society”

    David – who are those people? They barely exist on the internet except as donors to you. They appear to have given you thousands of pounds.

    I would like to know – as a constituent – just who they are, who they represent and what they get for their money.

    Do you think you can give us a straight answer?

    1. Hi,

      The Bury and District Industrial Society was just a group of like minded Bury businessmen who held dinners/ listened to speakers. They donated money to Bury North Conservatives which was all correctly declared.

      They were as I recall mainly retired and I can assure you they received absolutely nothing in return.


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