New Council Tax

On Wednesday evening I attended a meeting of Bury Council at which the new Council Tax for the year 2009/2010 was set. The new tax will be 4.99% higher than the current year after taking into account the increases for the police and fire brigade. An extra £600,000 will be included to help pay for adapting dwellings for disabled people. £30,000 has been allocated to improving the toilets at Bury market. Over 65’s will once again receive a discount of 4.79% which is the amount of the Bury Council increase. The budget for helping adults with learning and pysical disablements is being increased by over £2million pounds. No one will welcome the fact that the Council Tax has had to be increased but the fact that the Councils income from its investments and the size of the grant from central government has made this inevitable.

One thought on “New Council Tax

  1. The new Council Tax has had to be raised, Mmm whats new.
    Only the rain comes down these days it seems. I can accept that increases may need to be implemented, but why is our Coucil Tax increase one of the highest in the country. Suddenly I am hit with a monthly payment of £94. I have worked all my life, and contributed far more than I am allowed to take out. If the coucil were a bank, you would have no customers. I can’t beleive that I voted you guys in, because I am sick to death of the
    bandits currently in power,who have robbed us blind since day one. I now have to contend with being robbed again.My State pension earnings have not increased by the same percentage as my coulcil tax bill, and how the 25% reduction for single occupancy is arrived at, I dont know. This should be at 50%. I am angry at the way we are expected to accept whatever you throw at us, We are a captive audience, and do not have the means in this case to ” Switch” because believe me. most people would in a heart beat. I have no faith in any polititcal Party in this country, and that is a very sad thing. I have always been very proud of my country, but we are being sold down the river, every second of every day, by a bunch of morons, who dont give a damm about the hard working people, I am talking about the people on benift who have contibuted nothing, but get everything. There are some genuine cases I know, but there are far more, who get most things for free. People like me of course do not qualify for a singel cent, because we are penilised for working hard for over 45 years, and never claiming a bean from the state. The thank you we get is ” NOTHING” The best thing to do is to get out of here, one thing for sure is that my vote seems to count for nothing, and maybe it is time to do something about it. I will not be voting conservative, or labour ever again. I may as well vote for Dick Turpin. No I will vote with my feet, and I hope everyone else does the same. The council have made many mistakes, but I am not going to continue to pay for them. Its an easy option to just increase the amount of thax we have to pay, pity I cant do the same and increase my pension in the same way. I notice that the amount for the Police has increased, but can someone tell me where the Police are. these days. If there are less of them than there were before, why does the council want more money? In a nutshell, the increase is far too high and I am disgusted thatBury has done this.
    Bury in bloom is very nice, but maybe they should spend a little less on flowers, and more on the fundimental things. If we have money over for flowers,then fine, but if we dont then dont buy them in such amounts, I have to live within a budget, and Bury Council has to also.
    Dint spend what you haven’t got, because us tax payers
    are very tired of being treated as Guarantor’s for Council and Government cock ups. Conservative or Labour,
    I for one have had enough.

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