David Cameron at Reebok

Last night I joined over 1100 guests at an event organised by the Conservatives aimed primarily at members of the British Muslim community in the North West at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton. The main speaker was Conservative Party Leader David Cameron MP.
Mr. Cameron explained how Conservative values are the values of so many British Muslims.

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3 thoughts on “David Cameron at Reebok

  1. Thank you for the reply Mr Nuttall. I know from family experience that Church Wardens can spend an incredible amount of time on church affairs. But that is time and effort expended by David Nuttall the private individual.

    It seems to me that politicians of all stripes make themselves very accessible to representatives and organisations who represent minority religious and ethnic groups but rarely if ever give public recognition of the fact that people who happen to be White, English, or Christian also have collective interests.

    Not to single you out, but on this site you mention attending dinners organised by “ADAB,” “who do an excellent job in helping the Asian Community in Bury”.

    I wonder if you would have attended a dinner organised by a group devoted to the interests of the White community of Bury?

  2. When politicians consult with and reach out to ethnic and religious minorty groups qua groups do they ever wonder if maybe the English, say, and Christians, deserve a similar consideration?

    1. Dear Mr Madison,
      Thank you for your comment. As you will appreciate it would be unwise of me to generalise on behalf of all politicians but as far as I am concerned I can say unequivocally that the answer is yes! However, bearing in mind that I am a Church Warden at my local Church of England Parish Church and that I spend time most days on Church matters I may not entirely be representative of politicians generally!
      David Nuttall

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