Building Trade Skills Centre

David with Verity Mortlock National Head of Marketing at BTSC

David with Verity Mortlock National Head of Marketing at BTSC

This afternoon I joined my colleague Councillor Michelle Wiseman at the opening by David Cameron MP the Leader of the Conservative Party of the Building Trade Skills Centre in Manchester. It takes trainees from all over the area including Bury and provides training for plumbers up to City and Guilds Standards and the qualification required for CORGI registration. We toured the building and met with Directors, staff and trainees

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  1. I am going court regarding Btsc and what has happened to most of us and if anyone would like to be involved I have left my email

  2. Get your stories to RIP OFF BRITAIN which is a new tv show about to start, you can leave your details online and they will contact you

  3. I would also like to confirm that I absolutely DO NOT WISH to be associated with the current management of BTSC and formerly Property Professionals. Verity Mortlock

  4. Perhaps you and your colleague shouldve taken the time to look into these criminals before promoting them. You have no idea of the amount of suffering this lot have cause to hundreds of innocent people. For you to be promoting them is, quite frankly, disgusting

  5. BTSC is the most highly recommended training centres to people who’s looking for a professional tutorial of being a qualified plumber.BTSC are Europe’s largest and most advanced Plumber Training Organisation, providing city and guilds qualifications in plumbing and ACS gas certification.

    • Alan bowman and richard hunt are now running the centre. see previous business experience (property professionals etc)


      they conned me out of 9000 quid and two years on, still no qualification.

      why are you associated with this?!

      • Can I just make clear that I have no involvement or association with BTSC. It is not within the Bury North constituency and I have only ever visited the Centre once.

  6. You may not wish to be associated with BTSC.

    Sister company Property Professionals has just gone into administration and will be the subject of “interesting” news stories.

    See Home Inspector Forum for more!

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