Leaf clearing

Leaf clearing at St. Anne's
Leaf clearing at St. Anne's
It’s that time of year. Leaf clearing. Sue and I have already had a few leaf clearing sessions here at the Cottage and yesterday we were down at St. Anne’s helping to clear the churchyard and paths of leaves.

It was unexpectedly eventful because we took CeeCee along so he would not be left home alone and he managed to break free from his collar ( the clasp came apart) and so he had several minutes freedom. He enjoyed chasing around with one of my garden gloves and proving that whilst he might come back to me on a Monday evening at training class he wasn’t going to fall for all that “CeeCee – come” business when he had the freedom of the churchgounds to gamble around in. Anyway we eventually managed to re-collar him and then I brought him home whilst we continued with the leaf clearing. During this time the fog had returned and it was very cold so when we had finished the warm mince pies and mulled wine back at the Vicarage were most welcome.

Needless to say in the afternoon we went out and bought CeeCee another new collar!

Today after attending the special service for the first Sunday of Advent Sue and I attended a Sunday Lunch organised by Bury North Conservatives’ Ladies Committee at Ramsbottom Cricket Club.

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