Expensive Phone Call!

I am often amazed at how at what at the time must seem to the participants to be routine everyday matters suddenly become headline news with enormous consequences. This week we have seen just such an event. Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made a telephone call and I am sure they could never have guessed at the consequences. It was in my opinion a most inappropriate phone call and I fail to understand why these two very highly paid entertainers did not realise the potential for harm. The consequences have been that two people have lost their jobs at the BBC and Jonathan Ross has been suspended without pay for three months costing him reportedly one and half million pounds. The whole affair has done nothing to change my opinion that the way the BBC operates and is funded needs a significant overhaul.

Sue and I have been out this afternoon preparing for the Christmas Wrapping Service organised by the Bury Society for Blind and Partially Sighted People. It does not seem like a year since we were involved last Christmas but time marches on and this year the service is due to start in the Millgate Centre on December 8th.

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