The ‘R’ Word

This week has seen the Prime Minister use the ‘R’ word for the first time R that is for Recession. The Prime Minister claims that the Government is not to blame because this is a worldwide problem. It may well be but when the world ecomomies were powering ahead in the ten years the Prime Minister was Chancellor I never remember him saying then that the growing UK economy was all the result of worldwide growth, no, it was all due to his “prudent” stewardship of the economy. Sadly for the British public I fear that many people are going to find out that the Labour Government has not been prudent at all as they have put nothing by in the good times. Now when everyone accepts that the present economic crisis has been caused in large part by too much borrowing what do Labour propose? More borrowing!

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  1. I’ve just visited this site for the first time via David Nuttall’s website. Having read the article entitled “The ‘R’ Word, I was surprised to read that the Prime Minister had been the Chancellor.
    Is this correct?

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