St.George’s Day

David at the St Georges Day flag raising ceremony

David at the St Georges Day flag raising ceremony

I attended the official flag raising ceremony this morning as the flag bearing the Cross of St. George the Patron Saint of England was raised by the Mayor of Bury Councillor Peter Ashworth to fly proudly in front of the Town Hall. The Rector of Bury John Findon spoke eloquently about the history of our Patron Saint and said prayers. The Mayor then hoisted the flag into position.
I am delighted that the Conservative led Council has introduced this short ceremony to honour our Patron Saint and I hope the occasion will be repeated every year in the future.

Strange – Another CeeCee??

Last night when I retired to bed I put the radio on and as it was quite late Radio 4 was broadcasting programmes from the World Service. Half asleep I heard mention of CeeCee. I quickly regained alertness and started listening. I thought surely our very own little Dalmatian puppy called CeeCee is not so famous as to be featured on the BBC. I was right! It turned out they were referring to a cat they had cloned which was called Cc. I fell asleep. Today, intrigued by the existence of another CeeCee in the World ( I know there are probably thousands! ) I searched on the internet and discovered that Cc which I guessed might stand for Cloned Cat actually was short for Copy Cat and the story I discovered about it was from the BBC’s website from back in 2002. Copy Cat it turns out is in America so there is not much possibility of the two CC’s meeting.

Anyway, back to my activities. This week on Tuesday I attended a meeting of the Executive Committee of Bury Conservatives. As Parliamentary Candidate I am entitled to attend these meetings although I have no voting rights. Yesterday I attended a coffee morning to raise funds organised by the Bury North Ladies Committee. In the evening I attended a meeting of Bury Rotary Club when the present Mayor of Bury Councillor Peter Ashworth was inducted as an honorary member.

Today I thought I would watch some cricket and drove over to Headingley to watch Yorkshire play Surrey and although play started on time we only had about one hour of play before rain forced the players from the field and they didn’t come back so I had an early return to Bury.

Councillor Peter Ashworth

It has been announced this week that Moorside Councillor Peter Ashworth will be the next Mayor of Bury. I have known for a few weeks that this was likely but as is the tradition with these things I had to keep it confidential until it was announced officially. Peter is well known from his many years of service in the Finance Department at the Town Hall and is President of the Salisbury Conservative Club where I am a member. I wish him well for the year ahead and I am sure he will be a great ambassador for Bury.