Organ donations

I strongly believe in organ donation. I have carried a donor card since 1984 and I urge anyone to consider the possibility of allowing their organs to be used after their death. This weekend the Prime Minister has let it be known that he proposes to consult on the idea of allowing organs to be removed without consent. I feel that this is the wrong approach and I have today written to the local papers to make my view clear. I believe that this is a matter of personal choice and when the matter was last considered by Parliament Conservative M.P.’s were allowed a free vote. I believe that it is the responsibility of Government to encourage new potential donors and to ensure that all the processes are in place to allow transplants to take place but I believe the individual should opt in to being a donor and that it should not be a case of the State owning our bodies after death.

This morning Susan and I attended the funeral of Bill Hemmingway. Bill was a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party in Bury and in recent years has fought a long battle against illness. Bill never complained and he was a man who I had great admiration for. He will forever be associated with the Conservative Clubs movement – he was President of the Lancashire Federation of Conservative Clubs. He will be sadly missed.

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