Ramsbottom Civic Hall

Yesterday I visited Ramsbottom Civic Hall along with Alistair Burt MP the former Bury North MP and the Council Leader Bob Bibby and Ramsbottom Councillor Barry Theckston. I have of course visited the Civic Hall many times before but this time, woith the help of Council Officers, we went to the upstairs part of the Hall which is normally closed off. It was very interesting to see what a large amount of space is presently unused up there. In recent years Ramsbottom Civic Hall has always featured on the list of potential cuts when the annual budget was being considered. At the last local elections the Conservatives pledged to reverse this trend and proposed the sale of the old Adult Learning Centre in Bury at 2/4 Market Street with the proceeds being used towards helping tosafeguard the future of Ramsbottom Civic Hall. The property on Market Street was sucessfully sold at auction last month for over £300,000 so it looks like the future of Ramsbottom Civic Hall is brighter than it has been for some time. Of course there is still much more to be done and even these proceeds of sale are not enough to do all that could be done with the Civic Hall but it is, at least, a start!

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