Travel to Work Tax

Hi, Sue and I have been away for a few days break in Scarborough watching the cricket. Typically English weather a bit of sun, lots of clouds, some rain ( enough to lose one days play out of the first two ) and quite windy most of the time. Anyway regardless of the weather we have enjoyed ourselves, we stopped off at the RSPB reserve at Bempton on the way over to Scarborough to do some birdwatching ( gannets and puffins ).
The main political story of the week has been the vote by the leaders of the Councils that comprise the Greater Manchester Area on whether to put in a bid to the Government for £3 billion pounds of grant/loans to improve public transport. The problem with this apparent “no-brainer” of a bid is that in order to repay the loan Manchester must introduce a congestion charge. The present proposal is that the new charge will be levied just when most people go to and return from work hence I call it the Travel to Work Tax. Not surprisingly as far as I can tell the vast majority of local Conservatives are against this new tax on the basis that we are all taxed enough already and there is no suggestion that if this new tax is introduced there will be any reduction in he many other taxes we already pay.

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