Planning Ahead

Three meetings this week, all really about planning for the future. On Monday and Tuesday I had meetings with local Party colleagues and Area Party officials about the next set of elections and last night I had a meeting about a major fund raising dinner later in the year.
Yesterday saw the by-elections in the safe Labour seats of Ealing Southall and Sedgefield. Neither seat has historically been strong for the Conservative Party and despite all the media comment no one could have been surprised that Labour easily held both seats. There was a low turnout as is often the case in by-elections with less than half of those entitled to vote bothering to do so. A sign perhaps that the electorate knew who was going to win! At least the Conservative share of the vote increases in both seats so a step in the right direction even if it was a very small one.

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One thought on “Planning Ahead

  1. For God’s sake David. Cease your futile spinning. This was a massive step backwards for the Tories and you know it. If everyone knew who was going to win in Ealing then why did Cameron campaign so vociferously for this seat? And on that subject, how can you be moving forward when people in your own party are calling for your leader’s head? The Tories are on the slide and you know it, despite your best efforts at putting on a brave face on this site.

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