Three Bats!

For all those who like Meatloaf – the concert was great if you get a chance to see the Three Bats Tour it is a brilliant show. For all those who don’t like Meatloaf I had a couple of meetings earlier in the day.

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  1. Rumours about his salary are precisely that rumours and they are by all accounts inaccurate.
    Despite that Mr Coulson knew absolutely nothing about what was going on the fact that he nevertheless was prepared to accept responsibility and resign indicates he is a man of some principle.

  2. Mr Nuttall,

    Thank you for posting my comment. As it happens I think Mr Cameron’s judgement is of great importance to voters in Bury. David Cameron has appointed a man Director of Communications of your Party. Andy Coulson is a man who graduated in the black arts of tabloid journalism. His appointment is to a political party that aspires to govern Britain – so therefore I think it will be of interest to thousands of people who take part in democracy.

    It’s my understanding too, that Andy Coulson at the time of the Royal family phone-tapping scandal – said – that he took the “ultimate responsiblity” for it. So that’s why he had to leave is job as editor of the News of the World at the time. Mr Nuttall given that accurate information, do you think it criminal for the Conservtaive Party to pay Andy Coulson a rumoured £40,000 a month? One current senior Conservative back bench MP is already grumbling about it on the airwaves.

  3. Dear Member of the Public,
    Your insinuation that Mr Coulson was somehow involved in a criminal matter is the nearest a comment has come for some time of not being approved.
    I am only interested in improving the lives of the people of Bury, Ramsbottom and Tottington and quite frankly who is appointed as the Party’s Director of Communications is of little consequence to the residents of Bury.
    I have no doubt that Mr Coulson is well qualified for the post.

  4. Mr Nuttall,

    Do you think it is a good idea that David Cameron should appoint Andy Coulson, as the new Director of Communications for the Conservative Party?

    Didn’t Mr Coulson have to quit as News of the World editor in Jaunaury on the day Clive Goodman, the paper’s former royal editor, was jailed for four months for illegal phone tapping of the Royal family?

  5. Again small quotes are being taken totally out of context and I have never before heard anyone suggest Meatloaf’ lyrics were violent.
    As to the the Mayor of London I will leave commenting on that issue to those in London.

  6. To: David Nuttall,

    I’m srprised I must say in your musical tastes. I understand that the Meatloaf character (an American by the way)trys to sing a song with the following lyrics in it *I’ll kill you if you don’t come back, I’ll kill you if you don’t come back*. Do you think this sort of phrase should be encouraged through so-called popular music these days? I certainly do not think that it’s acceptable to include such lyrics in a song. There’s enough violent crime in Britain as it is, without an American coming over taking money and fanning the flames with such insensitive rants. Perhaps Meatloaf should go back to America and stay there. Frankly I think we’ll all be better off.

  7. Mr Nuttall,

    If the British Conservatives are all so good, as you would seem to have it,in your reply to Meatloaf.

    Why did David Cameron ‘sound out’ Greg Dyke, a well known liberal-leftie and former financial backer to New Labour, to be the nomination for the Mayor of London?

    If the leader of the Conservative Party has written off so many of you by not having an ‘official Conservative candidate’ why bother having a candidate at all?

  8. Mr Galbraith was clearly not referring to British Conservatives all of whom are kind and generous and I am sure never selfish. Well, at least I hope that is the case!

  9. Dear David,

    It’s bad enough knowing that Michael Ancram likes my music without another Conservative confessing to be a fan.

    Although I am not a deeply political man I would ask that you desist from mentioning my name on your website as any association with the Tories is not good business for me.

    Yours is an ugly politics that has no connection with the Meatloaf brand. To quote the Canadian American economist John Kenneth Galbraith:

    “The modern Conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in modern philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

    This is something that I wholly disapprove of.

    Yours sincerely


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