Bank Holiday

After a lie in this morning Sue and I went to the gym and then I have caught up on a few jobs I had that had stacked up waiting for attention. I enjoyed the Elton John concert on Thursday he is a world class performer and I although I guess I would never have attended one of his concerts were it not for the fact that he is Susan’s favourite artist I have to admit that his concert performances are excellent.
The cricket went as well as any England fan could have dreamed of. We were fortunate with the weather in that our two days were interruption free and were packed full of English runs followed by West Indies wickets. We witnessed a great innings by Kevin Pietersen the first double hundred in Tests at Headingly since one Geoffrey Boycott in 1967. Today, I listened to Test Match Special as England wrapped up a victory inflicting defeat on the West Indies by the biggest margin in their history.

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6 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. Briefly, I am not going to start to comment on everything David Cameron says particularly where one word is picked out it can easily be taken out of context. I think david Cameron is doing exactly the right thing by listening to the views of British Muslims at length.
    As for criminal law I have personally made it known on many occasions that in a free vote in the House of Commons I would vote to reintroduce capital punishment for murder. I believe the judge should first decide if he thought it was an appropriate case and then the jury who had heard the case would decide on whether capital punishment would be appropriate in the circumstances. They could then differentiate between what is often termed a mercy killing and someone who kills in cold blood.I know this debate results in strong feelings on both sides and I think it is correct that this should be decided by a free vote. I have to say that, as I understand it, as European legislation presently stands neither corporal or capital punishment can be reintroduced into English Law.
    As far as I have read Graham Brady resigned.

  2. Mr Nuttall,

    Did Graham Brady,one of the few northern Conservative MPs,really resign or was he pushed? And by the way what’s happened to free speech in the Conservative Party?

  3. Member of the public sounds like (s)he’d like to import a Taliban style party into government here. Corporal punishment for petty criminals? Would you prefer stocks, floggings and the odd spot of hand chopping as well? What about voluntary sterilisation for poor people too?

  4. Mr Nuttall,

    Will the Conservative Party crack down on crime and restore public safety and confidence? Will the Conservative Party free the police and courts from the politically correct straitjacket that is stopping them from doing their job properly? The liberal fixation with the ‘rights’ of criminals must be replaced by concern for the rights of victims, and the right of innocent people not to become victims. Do you support the re-introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the restoration of capital punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers as an option for judges in cases where their guilt is proven beyond dispute, as by DNA evidence or being caught red-handed?

  5. Mr Nuttall,

    A couple of weeks ago – David Cameron said, after his stunt spending two days with a Muslim family in Birmingham, that the term ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ terrorism is a form of ‘racism or soft bigotry’ and that those people who employ such terms are brainless. What do you think of David Cameron’s remarks?

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