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I read with interest of a poll reported in today’s Times newspaper of over 3,000 doctors most of whom believe Labour has failed to reform the NHS. Nearly twice as many doctors trust David Cameron to put the NHS right compared to the number who would trust Gordon Brown.
Almost 3 out of every 4 who responded did not believe the extra cash put into the NHS had been well spent. This question of where has all the money gone is one which I am frequently asked especially in light of the plans to close the Maternity Department at Fairfield Hospital so it is interesting to see the views of so many members of the public echoed by a majority of the doctors in this survey.

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  1. It’s perhaps a good idea not to forget here that Labour has put record levels of investment into the NHS, something the Tories never considered. The poll that David Nuttall refers to also shows that a larger number of GPS trust neither Brown nor Cameron so I think he’s being a bit selective here. Cameron is not the magic bullet by a long stretch. I would also urge visitors of this site to remember Liam Fox’s secretly taped conversation at a fringe meeting in 2002 of him plotting to destroy the NHS. He wants to offer the incentive of tax breaks to fund private health care and end the NHS as we know it.

    I’m not surprised that doctors would be happier under Cameron though. He’s already pledged to get rid of targets and make their job easier. If he were to break the NHS up and make it a private free-for-all they could earn even more money than they do already.

  2. To: David Nuttall,

    Not only that about doctors but also…around £30,000 of taxpayers’ money goes on training each new nurse through various courses etc. I know I used to work there. But the hundred or so nurses due to qualify in August in the the Manchester area are being warned they have no prospect of working in our hospitals because of the cash crisis in the NHS. Instead there’s one trainee nurse I know who is now having to look for bar work to make ends meet. This development is further proof of just how parlous a state the health service is in under the New Labour Government. But this is not a problem that can be fixed at local level by those running nursing courses in the region. The Government I think has a duty to stop turning a blind eye to the problems afflicting our hospitals. More cash must be diverted to them to ensure they can continue to function properly. The fact that there is no money available to take on new nursing staff is a worrying symbol of the NHS’s struggles.And it could have terrible consequences in the future too.

    If those considering a career in nursing see there are no jobs available at the end of it, they are hardly likely to follow that career path are they? Which means that if there is ever any cash available in the future there will be a dearth of trained professionals to employ. And that could prove the final nail in the coffin for a ailing health service ruined under Blair, Brown and Blears.

  3. I’ll tell you where all the money has gone: on paying GPs astronomical salaries, that’s where! GP earnings have doubled in six years and they’re being paid on average 100K a year now

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