Valentines Day

I am pleased to report that I am alive and well this morning and able to write an entry in my blog. Why you may wonder is this noteworthy? Well, last night as it was Valentines Day I volunteered to cook our evening meal. From fresh ingredients I hasten to add and not from a packet. I made a leek, tarragon and mushroom risotto and Susan ate it all and I can report that Susan too is feeling fine this morning. The only problem is that I will now probably be expected to contribute more in the kitchen than I have in the past where my “assistance” has normally been limited to chopping up and clearing up.

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  1. Wow! Floating voter, never have I read such an ignorant diatribe. Have you ever travelled to any of the places you mention? Or for that matter been out of your village or out of the pages of the Daily Mail to anywhere else other than your little bigoted corner?
    Your comments on Romanians in particular fly very close to contravening the Race Relations Act and are blatantly and even maliciously discriminatory in my view. Romanians do not eat grass and their average wage is close to £150 a month, not 15p a month! To say that criminality and corruption is part of their culture is also an incredibly insulting slur. In this sentence you claim every hardworking Romanian doctor, lawyer or social worker is corrupt. Shame on you.
    And how can a country’s population shrink by 110 per cent you fool? When I got to your barmy claim that ‘96.54 per cent of all crime’ being commmitted in the UK can be attributed to Eastern European gangs I roared with laughter. Can anyone be more hopelessly deluded? Also, what on earth are you talking about when you say that millions of British plumbers are being forced out of work? There is a huge shortage of plumbers in this country which is why British plumbers are earning in excess of £600 a week. And since when has Britain been blessed with fine weather?
    If David Nuttall has any decency about him or takes his responsibilities seriously he will report you to the police for racism.

  2. Mr Nuttall – I’d like you to consider this please… a cold winter evening in an eastern European marketplace. Wrapped in shapeless clothes, blankets and headscarves against the bitter wind, women shuffle from stall to stall, inspecting the cabbages, potatoes, turnips, Kalashnikovs and beetroots on offer. It could be a scene from any of the former Communist bloc countries, but for the purposes of this posting, it’s a small town in Romania. Or even Bulgaria.

    Their layers of clothing, their pinched faces, their runny noses, all betoken a life of grinding deprivation as they inspect the meagre goods. Most of the people here are so badly off they have no chance of affording supermarket microwaveable ready meals and are instead forced to purchase their fruit and vegetables straight from local farmers. They hand over the few coins which probably constitute their life savings and hurry away again, in all likelihood to pluck grass to supplement the thin soup they will prepare for their many offspring. No doubt exactly the same scene can be observed anywhere across their snow-swept country they call home.

    Yet one wonders how long this marketplace will look like this, now that Bulgaria and Romania are part of that conspiracy to end national self-determination known to some as the European Union. With membership comes the automatic right of all 30 million people in these poverty-stricken and corrupt countries to move to the UK and blot out our distinctive culture and way of life. They do not even need to hang on to the undercarriage of a lorry like they used to.

    Mr Nuttall what should we in Britain expect? Experts paid by the Daily Mail predict a huge influx of immigrants, coming to join the criminal elements already living in this country illegally.

    And this is hot on the heels of the 2 million immigrants who flocked to the UK in the wake of the last round of enlargement. Nobody can have failed to notice how the arrival of these Polish and Czechoslovenians has forced thousands, if not millions, of honest British plumbers and carpenters out of work, or at least into crippling price cuts.

    The Home Office is playing down the risk, but no one these days believes anything it says. Britain is well known as the number one destination for economic migrants. Its generous unemployment benefit, luxurious council flats, clean streets, open borders, namby-pamby liberal judiciary, fine weather and cheap cider make it a magnet for economic migrants, especially those living in Eastern Europe, where the cost of living far outstrips the means of everyone except those involved in organised crime.

    Unofficial figures put the average wage in Bucharest at 15p a month or so, while whisky in one of the city’s five-star hotels was charged to a BBC journalists expense account at a rate of £17.62 (plus tax) a glass. Small wonder, then, that every able-bodied and literate adult under the age of 90 is already filling out UK social security application forms.

    The Romanian and Bulgarian governments estimate their countries’ populations could shrink by 110% or more. Yet this is only the beginning of the horror.

    Amongst the millions currently checking the availability of Ryanair flights from Plovdiv to Stansted are literally hundreds of thousands of burglars, pickpockets, car thieves, paedophiles, credit card fraudsters and beggars.Criminality and corruption are part of the culture in these countries, in every profession and social class, from the lowliest shoplifter to the prime minister himself (currently under police investigation for secretly accepting undeclared loans in return for favours).

    It is firmly believed that approximately 96.54% of all crime committed in the UK can already be attributed to organised gangs from Eastern Europe. This number could easily double in the next year. The threat to our own home-grown crime industry can hardly be underestimated.

    When asked if she was planning to go to the UK and steal, one Romanian woman just edged away, eyeing a TV reporter suspiciously and muttering in her sinister-sounding language. Such an attitude is typical. Yet our own police are powerless to do anything about it.

    In the face of such an onslaught, is there any way to preserve our glorious island nation’s most treasured values – decency, pragmatism, common sense, tolerance – before the invading hordes? What do you say?

  3. Humm…leek,tarragon and mushroom risotto. Did you get the recipe out of The Guardian?
    David’s Reply: No – from my wife’s 30 minute cook book and I’m sure with practice I could probably cook it in 30 minutes I certainly didn’t this time!

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