Votes for convicted criminals

It has come to light that as a result of a judgement of the European Court of Human Rights made five years ago the UK is being required to lift its blanket ban on prisoners being able to vote. To me this is yet another example of the Court being completely out of touch with what most ordinary right thinking members of the public believe.

For as far back as I can remember it has always been an accepted fact of life that part of the punishment for someone who committed an offence serious enough to warrant being sentenced to a term of imprisonment was the removal of that persons right to vote. The other argument is that do the rest of us want our elected Councillors and Members of Parliament chosen by convicted murderers, rapists, robbers and burglars.

It perhaps goes without saying but I am completely against such a move and whilst I appreciate that as with so many things this problem has been left behind the last Labour Government, I think it is time we as a Country stood up to the foreign Courts who dictate to us how we should run our elections. I have never seen any polling evidence on this issue probably because the pollsters have always considered it was such a straightforward issue there was no point in asking people what they thought! My view is that there would be overwhelming public support for the status quo.