Norwich North Result

Well I am back from a showery Scarborough where the match ended in a draw and in the end I guess most home fans where glad of the 4 extra points for a draw.

The main political news of the day has been the Conservatives victory in Norwich North. I have to say that I was not at all surprised after my visit there last week. I am not surprised that the Greens recorded what I have read was their highest percentage in a by-election ever. The main problem I think for Labour was the drop in their vote, time is running out before the next General Election and these voters will need to be persuaded to return to the fold if Labour are to avoid defeat. Unlike the result in Crewe the Conservative vote was also down when compared to the last General Election and I suspect that this was largely due to the furore over the revalations about M.P.’s expenses.

Norwich North

CeeCee recovering

CeeCee recovering

I paid what literally was a flying visit down to Norwich to help campaign in the Norwich North by-election where polling takes place next Thursday. I was working in one of the City Wards where there was a reassuring amount of support for the Conservatives considering that our strongest areas are further out from the City. There was a surprising amount of support for the Green Party, and a core of voters still supporting Labour. The Liberal Democrats seemed to be doing less well than they often do in by-elections. I will be interested to see whether my snap shot view bears any resemblance to the result.

CeeCee Update
First of all on behalf of Sue and myself can I thank all those who have enquired about CeeCee’s well being. The latest position is that his paws are still very sore and he is not able to go on his usual long walks. I am pleased to say he is however gradually getting back to normal. He can now at least walk and he is eating and drinking normally.