Pennine Acute Hospitals

As The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust continues to make improvements following the very disappointing CQC report last year the new Chief Executive Sir David Dalton has announced a further £20.5 million is to be invested in frontline services from 2017-8. In addition to this £10 million will be spent on capital expenditure to improve North Manchester and Royal Oldham Hospitals.

The additional revenue resources will be used to recruit 35 more doctors and more than 300 more nursing and midwifery staff. There will be more money for IT, staff training and development. Plus more money for medical and clinical equipment. This together with revised governance and management arrangements will I hope mean that we can look forward to a much improved position the next time the CQC report on the Trust

General Practice Forward View

One document that has been published this week was the NHS’s plan for the future of GP’s.

With a growing population coupled with advances in medical capabilities and an aging population it is not surprising general practices are under pressure. Thanks to the increase in resources the government committed to the NHS spending will increase from £9.6 billion in this financial year to over £12 billion by 2021. In essence this means there will be more doctors and more support staff.

More information about the plan can be found here



Several people have contacted me about the NHS Bill which was scheduled second for debate on Friday. This Bill aimed to essentially reverse the changes to the NHS introduced by the coalition government in the last was promoted by the former Leader of the Green Party and had the current Leader of the Labour Party named as one of its Sponsors.

A very similar bill was given a Second Reading in the last Parliament and although it progressed into the Committee Stage was ultimately abandoned.

Many of said it was undemocratic that the Bill was not given a fuller debate. I would argue that if the Labour Party had won the election they could have and no doubt would have introduced such a Bill and would have had every right to get it on to the statute book but they did not win the election.

As for debating the issue of the NHS if the Opposition want to debate it they can do anytime they like when they have one of their Opposition Day debates which they are guaranteed a set number of  in each session.

As for the time of the previous debate of foreign national offenders it was open for any member to put forward a motion to end the debate if they thought it had gone on too long. Nobody did.

NHyeS Action Day

I have been out all day campaigning on the issue of the NHS. The Conservatives have pledged to increase spending on the NHS each year. We will stop the top down micro managing of the NHS by politicians and leave it to the healthcare professionals. The response has been generally very good and even with people who are still going to vote Labour our plans to protect and improve the NHS meet with approval.

Happy 60th Birthday NHS

To coincide with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the NHS at Trafford General Hopsital in Manchester by Nye Bevin the Conservatives have launched an online Bithday Card where anyone can leave their own message.

The website can be accessed here