Lisbon Treaty Dead

Ireland – the only country in Europe who have allowed their people a say on the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum – has voted no. I am delighted. If the Treaty can not be passed in Ireland I am even more certain it would have been defeated here in the UK. I am extremely disappointed at the reaction of the Government and the Euro Chiefs in Brussels who have said that they are going to press ahead with ratification. Just what part of the word “No” do they not understand.

European Union Lisbon Treaty

For the avoidance of doubt had I been in Parliament I would have voted, as did almost all Conservative MP’s, to give the British public a vote in a referendum as to whether we should agree to the Lisbon Treaty. I agree the Lisbon Treaty is not absolutely identical to the draft European Constitution which all the three major parties promised to have a referendum on at the last General Election but no one is suggesting anything other than it is very similar indeed ( that is well over 90% of the content is the same). There is no wonder the general public are losing faith and confidence in politicians if Labour and the Liberal Democrats are not prepared to stick to their own Manifesto promises.
I believe we should be governed by Westminster not by Brussels. Europe should do less and interfere less in our lives. In my opinion the European Union should not have a flag or an anthem.