Leadership Timetable

The Executive Committee of the group of backbench Conservative MP’s met yesterday and agreed a timetable to elect a new Leader following the announcement by david Cameron that he is to step down. Nominations will open tomorrow and then close on Thursday. If there are three or more candidates Conservative MP’s will then vote next Tuesday and the lowest placed candidate is eliminated. Further votes will take place on following Thursdays and Tuesdays until the number of candidates has been whittled gown to two. Conservative Party members will then choose between these two candidates in a full postal ballot of all members based on one member one vote. The timetable then envisages a new leader being in place at the beginning of September.

I am pleased there is to be a swift process as we need to end the inevitable period of uncertainty as soon as possible. we can then proceed with the negotiations to leave the EU as instructed to do so in the referendum.

Meanwhile HM Opposition are in chaos. There have literally been dozens of Shadow Ministers resigning over the last couple of days.