UK’s Eurozone exports hit new low

UK based companies exported £25.78 billion worth of goods in July with only £11.24 billion heading into the Eurozone. The full trade data from the Office for National Statistics also showed that exports of goods beyond the wider European Union States exceeded exports to the other EU countries.

With the emerging economies continuing to outpace the moribund European Union these figures are not surprising and of course unlike with the EU we do not have to pay billions of pounds in membership dues every year in order to be able to sell goods to the rest of the World!


Not so long ago when a Conservative Backbencher suggested Greece and more importantly the Greek people would be better off outside the Eurozone they were laughed at and derided as being the usual right-wing suspects – not in touch with reality.  Odd isn’t it now the reality of the failure of the single currency is beginning to loom into closer view how what was once an occasionally mentioned ‘rant’ from a right-wing Eurosceptic is now rapidly becoming the accepted norm. The fact is that without a massive change of heart from the richer nations within the Eurozone the orderly exit of Greece from the Eurozone is becoming more likely by the day.


Grexit+Greece + Exit  from the Eurozone

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