A Sad Day for British Sovereignty

Today our Labour Prime Minister has signed what is in effect the European Constitution. At the last election Labour promised the British people would be given their say on this document in a referendum. We have been denied that say. The Constitution, or the Treaty, or the Constitutional Treaty. whatever people want to call it hands over yet more powers to Brussels. Let us have a referendum on the document and see what the people of the United Kingdom really think – after all that is what we were promised at the last General Election.

Last night I attended the last meeting of the year of Bury Council and it was dominated by the issue of the Congestion Charge. Although the Conservative Group have always been opposed to the Congestion Charge because the Council representative voted at a meeting of Leaders of the Councils in Greater Manchester to submit a bid for billions of pounds of additional spending on our public transport infrastructure this has been interpreted as the Conservatives being in favour of congestion charging. When Councillor Creswell voted as she did for the bid to be submitted she made it absolutely clear that in doing so the Conservatives opposed the principle of congestion charging. Last night. in order to make the position crystal clear the Conservatives tabled a short unequivocal motion opposing congestion charging. After being amended by the Liberal Democrat group the motion was passed despite Labour refusing to support it.