Daylight Saving Bill- Update

The Daylight Saving Bill is a Private Members Bill which seeks to provide for the holding of a three year experiment on having a trial of double summer time moved a step forward last night. The Bill passed its Second Reading nearly a year ago despite the fact that at that stage it did not have Government support. Because public money will need to be spent on carrying out the trial a Resolution known as a Money Resolution is required authorising the expenditure of the required money. The significance of passing the Money Resolution is that without it the Bill cannot proceed to the next stage of the Parliament procedure which is the Committee Stage. Usually this will be a formality but in the case of the Daylight Saving Bill it has taken almost a year so it is very significant that at last that hurdle has been overcome and the Bill will now proceed into Committee and it should pass back to the Commons for Report STage and Third Reading early in 2012.