Conservatives will maintain Children’s Services at Fairfield

David with Andrew Lansley and Councillor Michelle Wiseman

My colleague Michelle Wiseman the Conservatives Candidate in Bury South and I met with Andrew Lansley this morning the Shadow Secretary of State for Health. Andrew has visited Bury on several occasions and has spent many hours studying the on going fiasco surrounding the Children’s Services and Maternity Department at Fairfield. As things stand Labour decided that following a reconfiguration they were going to shut down the Children’s Department at Fairfield including the Maternity Department and the Special Care Baby Unit. The reconfiguration included a huge and very costly public consultation exercise. The public made their views very, very clear. The public were ignored. After an independent review of the initial closure decision the whole matter went to Labour’s Secretary of State of Health who decided that Fairfield’s Maternity Department would close.

Andrew Lansley has reviewed the latest figures for the number of births across Greater Manchester and today said “If I am Secretary of State for Health after the election Maternity and Children’s Services will be maintained at Fairfield and I will ensure this happens. In the long term there will be no change to this without the consent of G.P.’s in and around Bury who will in our reforms be responsible for commissioning local services”.

The choice for voters in Bury North is clear: Vote Labour and these services will be axed from Fairfield. Vote Conservative and if there is a Conservative Government the Maternity Department will be kept open.

After discussing Fairfield we went on to visit the Blackford House Medical Centre which serves both Bury North and Bury South residents.

This afternoon I visited the residents at Hewlett Court and answered questions on a wide range of issues.

This evening I took part in another debate with the Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates, this time it was organised by some of Bury’s Churches. Again the questions were wide ranging from the economy to M.P.’s expenses.

National Advice Week

Yesterday I paid a visit along with my colleague from Bury South Councillor Michelle Wiseman to Radcliffe Citizens Advice Bureau. The office at Radcliffe has seen a 20% increase in enquiries over the past year and is operating at full capacity. I am grateful to Dave Bevitt the District Manager for meeting with us and explaining in detail the valuable work that the Citizens Advice Bureau does.
The object of Advice Week is to draw attention to the many agencies in the UK that are available to give advice if people are struggling on their own with problems. Independent advice and guidance on a wide range of subjects can be accessed here

Bury Conservatives 25th Anniversary Dinner

David Sumberg MEP, Cllr Michelle Wiseman, David Nuttall, Alistair Burt MP

David Sumberg MEP, Cllr Michelle Wiseman, David Nuttall, Alistair Burt MP

Sue and I attended a Dinner organised by Bury Conservatives last night held at the Longfield Suite in Prestwich. It was organised to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Bury North and Bury South Constituencies back in 1983. The guest speakers were the two MP’s who represented the two Constituencies between 1983 and 1997 Alistair Burt MP and David Sumberg MEP.