David with the volunteers on the BBQ stall

The last few days have felt more like normality as I have carried out a number of engagements around the Constituency.

On Friday I visited the Mosque at Parker Street and met with many members of the Muslim Community.

Yesterday I attended the Gala at Bury Grammar School for Girls which was on the theme of the circus. The weather was reasonably fair and everyone had an enjoyable time.

Today after attending church at St.Anne’s I attended a lunch celebrating the life of the late Margaret Robinson who sadly died a few weeks ago. Margaret raised funds for many good causes in particular Bury Hospice and she will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Finally just a word to the many people who have written or emailed me in the last few days. The stream of communications received before the election has now become a torrent and I am doing all I can to reply to everyone personally. If you have not received a reply yet you can be assured one will be on its way!

BGSG Debate

Yesterday I took part in the Bury Grammar School for Girls Election Debate. After a superb lunch Candidates from the Labour Liberal Democrat and UKIP parties and myself answered questions from the pupils in a Question time format.

The School is holding a mock election with the campaign running in parallel with the real campaign and the school will vote on May 6th to determine the winner.

IN the real election the nominations for Candidates has now closed and the Returning Officer has published the fact that in addition to the four parties that took part in the BGSG debate there will also be an Independent Candidate, one from the Pirate Party UK and a BNP Candidate. So seven candidates in total and I will be the seventh and last name on the ballot paper.