It is a rare event that the United Kingdom changes Prime Minister, even rarer that it happens with out the incumbent Prime Minister losing a general election but today will see one such occurrence. After taking questions for the final time it is expected David Cameron will go to Buckingham Palace and tender his resignation to Her Majesty the Queen. A short while later Theresa May will go to the Palace ,  be appointed Prime Minister and be invited to form a new government.

Meanwhile back at the Palace of Westminster in the House of Commons there will be the first of two days debate on The Iraq Inquiry also known as the Chilcot Report. With some 12 volumes and over two million words you can read it all here

Theresa May Elected Leader

In yet another extraordinary day at Westminster Andrea Leadsom one of the two candidates left in the contest to become the next Conservative Party Leader withdrew and left the way open for Theresa May to become Party Leader and the UK’s next Prime Minister. I first discovered the news as I was on the train travelling down to London. Andrea Leadsom took a generous decision recognising the fact that well over half of the Parliamentary Party had voted for Theresa.

After confirming the details of the outcome with the Party Board a Special Meeting of the 1922 Committee of Conservative MP’s was called for 5pm and the Chairman Graham Brady made the official announcement that Theresa May had ben elected the new Leader. The Prime Minister announced he would go to the Palace after Prime Minister Questions tomorrow and hand in his resignation to the Queen. Shortly after Theresa May will go to see the Queen and be confirmed as Prime Minister and asked to form a new Government.

All  the speculation at Westminster now is on who will be in that new Government.


A truly historic day. It is 4 years and 8 months since I moved the motion in the House of Commons calling for a referendum on our membership of the European Union. The Better Off Out Group which I have chaired for the past few years has held many meetings when the prospect of us ever achieving our aim seemed a distant prospect.

Let me say at the outset, we must not forget millions did vote to stay in and I think it is incumbent on all those who have campaigned to leave to ensure that our departure from the EU is done swiftly and efficiently.

The markets, as always, over react. It will be a good time for anyone to buy shares as there could be plenty of relative bargains to be had. Of course, things might not be as bad if the Remain campaign had not spent so much time saying how bad, things would be if we voted to leave and instead had explained the reality that as the World’s fifth largest economy we would be able to thrive What matters is that we as a Country make things that other countries want to buy.

Immigration Act 2016

New powers which were contained in the Immigration Act 2016 come in to force today these will allow officers from the Border Force to board, divert and detain vessels in UK waters and they can arrest anyone they suspect has broken the immigration laws. One might ask why on earth our Border Force never had these powers before but I suppose it is a case of better late than never. These latest reforms are on top of a series of measures already introduced to make it very difficult for an illegal migrant to survive in the UK for example there is a new duty on landlords to check tenants have  a right to live here and it will not be possible for illegal immigrants to obtain a driving licence. In my view measures to enforce our Immigration Laws are necessary not only to help control the overall number of new immigrants as illegal immigrants are no doubt a small percentage of the total but it is only fair for all those people who abide by the rules, pay the fees, fill all the forms in and do things the right way that the Country strictly enforces the rules against those who seek to get round them

More Action on Nuisance Phone calls

As readers will know I have been campaigning on the scourge of unwanted telephone calls for some time. These nuisance phone calls are a modern day menace and after increasing the potential fines which can be imposed the government has now gone further and is to introduce a requirement that direct marketing companies provide their Calling Line Identification. It will not come into force until next month but it is another step which hopefully improve matters. I have sent out below the written statement which was issued in full.

On 12 January 2016, the Government published a consultation seeking views on a proposal to amend the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 (the 2003 Regulations) to make it a requirement for direct marketing callers to provide Calling Line Identification (CLI). This followed a commitment by the Government to impose such a requirement, subject to consultation, during the passage of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and forms part of the Government’s strategy to tackle the problem of nuisance calls and to protect the vulnerable and elderly in society who are most impacted by this issue.

I am today publishing the Government’s response to the consultation, a copy of which will be placed in the libraries of both Houses. The overwhelming majority of respondents to the consultation were in favour of the proposal and agreed that it would improve consumer choice and would make it easier for the regulator to take enforcement action against those who breach the rules. The consultation can also be found here.

I am therefore also laying before Parliament a statutory instrument amending the 2003 Regulations so as to implement the proposal. The requirement to provide CLI will come into force on 16 May 2016.

The Government is clear that there is no silver bullet to the problem of nuisance calls, but we are committed to working closely with regulators, industry, consumer groups and others to raise awareness and develop practical solutions to this complex issue.

General Practice Forward View

One document that has been published this week was the NHS’s plan for the future of GP’s.

With a growing population coupled with advances in medical capabilities and an aging population it is not surprising general practices are under pressure. Thanks to the increase in resources the government committed to the NHS spending will increase from £9.6 billion in this financial year to over £12 billion by 2021. In essence this means there will be more doctors and more support staff.

More information about the plan can be found here


New Tax Year

The new tax year starts today and all income tax payers across Bury North will benefit from the increase in the personal allowance. A basic rate taxpayer will now be paying £900 less in income tax than they were in 2010.

Anyone who reaches the state retirement age from today becomes entitled to the new single tier pension.

From today, the jobs tax on young apprentices – ie: employer’s national insurance contributions will be abolished.