Richmond Park by-election

Credit where credit is due to the Liberal Democrats. After having endured a virtual wipeout in the last general election they have been struggling to secure any attention. With the resignation of Zac Goldsmith who true to his word stood down when the Government said they would back another runway at Heathrow airport the LibDems were presented with a chance. Despite having to overhaul 23000 majority the Constituency was one of the most pro-EU constituencies in the country and therefore fertile territory for the LibDems the most pro-EU party of any in the UK. Added to that Zac stood for re-election as an Independent without the backing of the Conservative Party. In contrast the LibDems through everything at it including the proverbial kitchen sink. No doubt some who had voted Labour last listed the best chance of beating Zac was to vote for the LibDems and no doubt some pro-EU Conservatives without an official Conservative to vote for used the opportunity to vote LibDem. But just as one swallow does not make a summer, one by-election win does not mean the LibDems have suddenly become a major force on the British political scene. Few constituencies will present the alignment of fortuitous circumstances that Richmond Park did. Most voters still want to see the UK leave the EU as soon as possible. The main criticism I hear is that people want to see the process speeded up not slowed down or reversed. The good news for them is that by-election result will change nothing. Heathrow expansion will go ahead and the UK will still be leaving the EU.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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