Radio Manchester Debate

After last nights hustings at St. Andrew’s in Ramsbottom I will be taking part in another election debate this evening which will be broadcast live on BBC Radio Manchester. The event is being broadcast from the Elizabethan Suite at Bury Town Hall from 7pm. The Liberal Democrats candidate will be represented by one of Bury Council’s Liberal Democrat Councillors Cllr Tim Pickstone.

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4 thoughts on “Radio Manchester Debate

  1. I know this is not election stuff. BUT can’t think of a way of communicating more directly. Another terrorist atrocity. The Manchester person was praying 5 times a day and his local Iman banned him from the mosque and reported his obnoxious comments – all these religious extremists seem to be ‘known’ to police. OK you can’t watch all of them, BUT if someone sticks a flag up from the local mosque – why isn’t an armed officer knocking on the door BEFORE they attack???? Let’s be vigilant tho’

  2. Our votes are cast ( for YOU) Good Luck. How anyone can buy Corbyns money fest is beyond me. Deja Vue, it’s Jim Callaghan again. The man wants to print bonds to Nationalise and bribe students. Corporation tax under him will soar to 26%. Interest rates on mortgages are 1 – 2%. If he gets his way they will be 7/8% within 3 years, crippling hard workers, largish business will invest in Ireland (corporation tax there is 12%) and only small business will be left – they will not be able to employ – unemployment will rocket. He can’t control his own party let alone immigration. IF you hold on – do me a favour go and shake the person who came up with the ‘dementia tax’ warmly by the throat – the idiot !!!

  3. Good Luck David. I’m sure you will be well prepared. Perhaps you can use Tim Farron’s comments about Theresa May last night, about the missing Liberal Democrat candidate tonight. A complete waste of time if he can’t even be in the constituency.

    1. Exactly Shelagh – this is what Tim Farron said.“Good leaders don’t run away from a debate, Theresa May undoubtedly should be here,” said Lib Dem leader Mr Farron.

      “Her absence is undoubtedly the shadow that hangs over this election. How dare you call a general election and then run away from the debate?”

      Happy to agree with you – he was right wasn’t he.

      Our PM calls and unnecessary election and then treats voters with contempt!

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