Campaigning Resumes

After the horrific terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena on Monday campaigning for the general election resumed in a low key way locally this afternoon.

Yesterday evening I joined the Vigil at Whitehead Gardens in front of Bury Town Hall. There was a huge turnout. It was a somber and moving occasion. Civic and faith leaders led the service. The grieving mother of murdered local schoolgirl Olivia Campbell,  a pupil at Tottington High School made an impassioned speech.  We must never let these murderous terrorists divide our society.

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2 thoughts on “Campaigning Resumes

  1. I’m sorry for you. Mrs May (a country mile better than Mr Corbyn) is NOT strong – she’s just OK/normal even. Corbyn is banging on about our interference abroad has created this situation, BUT he and his predecessors filled the country with 10,000 of people who are not integrated, they are segregated. Mrs May meanwhile is playing world states person – I’m starting to think she wants to loose.

  2. Note to both May and Remainer Rudd
    Start protecting us or start protecting yourselves.
    Enough with the platitudes !!
    Start considering the possible charge of incompetence in Home affairs to be close to the level of complicity.

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