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  1. Please go and TELL whoever thought the ‘dementia tax’ was a good idea to rethink. Admitting that the policy is WRONG (and it is) NOW will get the polls back on track. Turn it on it’s head – make it simply that the maximum you will pay for Care is 100,000 pds If you don’t YOU are going to loose and Mrs May will not get her mandate. If you disagree with me – then you are not the man I thought you were.

  2. Just listened to Mr Damian Green explaining your policy – you’ve lost 6 votes in this house mate. Means your down to about a majority of 372 I seem to remember. Pity you seemed a decent chap. First time ever I won’t vote.

  3. Now I’m torn – tell me Mr Nuttall what’s your stance on the ‘death tax’ section – that if I need care you’ll take everything above 100K to pay for it?

      1. Nice you’ll let me keep 100K as it applies to social care at home. Boy that feels mean. I take it you are all for it then — HMM

  4. Who would believe a word the Conservatives say? You claim to care for the NHS while systematically destroying it. You make promises on limiting immigration when you have demonstrated to be incapable of doing so. Just waste paper, as far as i’m concerned.

  5. I have a question, what do you think about the raise of the income threshold for the spouse visa?

    Firstly, the threshold is infringing on the right to have a family. Especially with the rise, it will be one rule for the rich and another for the poor. I guess only richer people are allowed to have non-British families in the future? Funny enough, this comes from a party of ‘family values’.

    Secondly, the way the threshold is measured is discriminatory against younger people / recent graduates. I will be graduating soon and my job has a starting salary of more than £40,000 a year. Yet because I’m only just starting the job, my wife and I have to be put through unnecessary stress for 6 months before we can apply.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I expect there will be a consultation on the correct level for the threshold. There is a need to control immigration and all aspects of visas will be kept under review aS we leave the European Union. Personally, I would not expect the threshold to increase as high as £40000.

      1. When do you think the controls on immigration you intend to implement will get net immigration below 100000 ?
        Thanks in advance for you reply.

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