One election two votes 

A busy weekend ahead as the campaign gets underway. Although the national media focus is of course on the general election the focus locally is still the more immediate set of local elections with a by-election in Besses Ward and the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election. My postal vote arrived yesterday and is already back in the post. An unusual voting system is being used where everyone gets two votes. If I recall correctly the idea is that to win a candidate has to get over 50% of first preference votes. If no candidate reaches 50% when the votes are counted the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and then their second preference votes are taken into account and this may result in a candidate reaching 50%. The process continues until a candidate reaches 50%. I (obviously) voted for Sean Anstee as my first preference and left my second preference blank. 

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5 thoughts on “One election two votes 

  1. I will not be voting for Mr Anstee even though I am a Conservative as he has no interest in saving Bury’s Greenbelt. This is the same feeling as all of my friends and family who have decided the same. We will also not be voting for Andy ‘dodgy’ Burham. Why do we need a Mayor ??? Jobs for the boys.

  2. So did we (vote for Mr Anstee) can’t bring myself to vote for someone who doesn’t live in Manchester e.g Mr Andy or bendy Burnham – mind you some will. Nice little earner that one 100k ?what for? Never liked the idea when Mr (I’ll never go in the Lords) Prescott proposed it. So much for referendums!!!

    1. Well has we are constantly told, we need to pay these high incomes to attract the right people. Remember the bankers and business executives and dare I say politicians!

      1. Ayup – we could have Karen Danzcuck as the Labour nominee for Bury North – sorry Mr N her blog page will be ‘amazing’ (I hear her facebook pages are very ‘revealing’ about her policies) BUT 74,000 Euros (coz Mr Starmer wants us to stay) for this person, argh come on PLEASE!!!

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