History made

A small piece of history was made in the Commons yesterday when for the first time because of the existence of the Fixed Terms Parliament Act there was a vote as to whether to hold an early general election. By 522 votes to 13 to Commons voted in favour of holding an election on 8th June. A few Labour MP’s voted against the idea. I am heading back to Bury today for the weekend. Inevitably a lot of election planning in between all my existing engagements and meetings.

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6 thoughts on “History made

  1. Well, sir, I hope that one of your first actions when re-elected is the repeal of the stupid fixed-term parliament idea.

    1. I voted against it in the first place. I was another ridiculous LD policy which the coalition pursued in the early days of the last Parliament. I agree it should be repealed.

      1. But I note you were absent for a vote on the ‘Repeal of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011’

  2. Dear David, All your friends in Rotherham will be wishing you all the best in the election ahead. I look forward to hearing that you have been re-elected with an increased majority.
    Love to Sue, Your friend Christian.

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