Commons Returns

The House of Commons returns to business today and I am heading back to London. Although a Tuesday we are sitting for Monday hours with a 2.30pm start and I anticipate a late finish. Business starts with questions to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and I expect there will be at least a Statement from the Foreign Secretary to update the House on events in Syria and North Korea. I have a meeting of the Backbench Business Committee scheduled at 4pm so, depending on whether there is any other business such as Urgent Questions granted by the Speaker I will probably miss the Foreign Secretary’s statement. The main business will be the Second Reading of the Finance Bill arising from the Spring Budget.

2 thoughts on “Commons Returns

  1. Hmm life’s funny. I once commented too Mr Chaytor that I thought the Telegraph was doing a great job, he was arrested two weeks later. NOT that anything like this applies to Mr N. BUT I commented the other day that maybe (I don’t want it) Mr N you might feel the grief of job loss – aint life weird. Mind you the alternative is downright worse. Gone very quiet on the blog front – merry May day to all – how appropriate.

  2. Looks like you are going to have an even more interesting day! I enjoy your informative posts. Thank you.

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