I read yesterday the research from The Taxpayers Alliance on the pay of local government officials. It reveals in 2015-6 there were 2,314 Council employees who received total remuneration in excess of six figures. (Up 89 on the previous year). 539 received remuneration over £150,000. 68 Councils had more than 10 employees earning over £100,000. Top of the pay league is the Chief Executive of Sunderland Council on £625,570. Yes six hundred and twenty five thousand plus pounds a year. Another Sunderland City Council employee was on £605,958 and another on £444,000. Must be an expensive place to live Sunderland.

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  1. The good news – they are on P.A.Y.E ergo we (taxpayers) get more or less half back. It massages the ego to talk gross – nett is what counts. Bad news it means they have to shut a Library or two (depending how many are on 100K plus) Ohh and having experienced CEO’s at this level of payment in the private sector against public – they don’t compare! Wanna quick measure – look at sickness abscence rates. Private roughly half the rates and the private get less holidays etc.,

    • Still it is up to Sunderland residents to decide if it is value for money. What are the figures for Bury Metro area I wonder ?…

      • Mr Owen is on 180,033 (if you include his pension contributions) – cheap. Mr N you are in the wrong job mate!!!

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