I read yesterday the research from The Taxpayers Alliance on the pay of local government officials. It reveals in 2015-6 there were 2,314 Council employees who received total remuneration in excess of six figures. (Up 89 on the previous year). 539 received remuneration over £150,000. 68 Councils had more than 10 employees earning over £100,000. Top of the pay league is the Chief Executive of Sunderland Council on £625,570. Yes six hundred and twenty five thousand plus pounds a year. Another Sunderland City Council employee was on £605,958 and another on £444,000. Must be an expensive place to live Sunderland.

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  1. The good news – they are on P.A.Y.E ergo we (taxpayers) get more or less half back. It massages the ego to talk gross – nett is what counts. Bad news it means they have to shut a Library or two (depending how many are on 100K plus) Ohh and having experienced CEO’s at this level of payment in the private sector against public – they don’t compare! Wanna quick measure – look at sickness abscence rates. Private roughly half the rates and the private get less holidays etc.,

    1. Still it is up to Sunderland residents to decide if it is value for money. What are the figures for Bury Metro area I wonder ?…

      1. Mr Owen is on 180,033 (if you include his pension contributions) – cheap. Mr N you are in the wrong job mate!!!

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