Great Repeal Bill

After the historic triggering of Article 50 yesterday today sees the publication of the White Paper which is being published ahead of what is being referred to as the Great Repeal Bill. The great repeal will be of the European Communities Act 1972 which gives precedence to European Union laws and was passed by Parliament ahead of our joining what was then the European Economic Community. Apart from that the Bill will really be the Great Continuity Bill as its other purpose will be to ensure existing laws continue to have effect on the day we leave the European Union.

Yesterday the Prime Minister did a marathon stint at the despatch box answering question for over three and a quarter hours. We later dealt with the business on the Pensions Schemes bill which we had to abandon last week when the terrorist attack occurred.

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  1. So Whitehall moves into a phase of frenetic work to retrieve Britain’s sovereignty – by adopting as British law exactly the same statutes that many complained about when they were EU law. What wonderful progress. And how will any of the other work of government get done, one wonders!

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